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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Tue Aug 20 14:10:21 2019 [Edit/Delete]
ShadowQuest I knew you were talking about e the armies; I was just wondering why you considered the bad guy non-obvious.*g

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Trivia Girl says:
(Tue Aug 20 13:31:12 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: What was Ted's last name in Ted?

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Tue Aug 20 13:23:53 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Today Tuesday, August 20th 2019 C.E.

We have SEVEN (7) Birthdays!

James Marsters - the vampire Spike

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to James Marsters, Kylia, Liddie, LouWho, Raptamama, StrangestGirl, zorrem

Lydia: But you are a vampire. Spike: If I'm not, I'm gonna be pissed about drinking all that blood. 'Checkpoint''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Aug 20 13:18:37 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Good morning beta!

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ShadowQuest says:
(Tue Aug 20 06:18:07 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Tue Aug 20 06:21:15 2019
Sinus-headache zoom through

DaddyCatALSO I thought my
point was obvious. *g*

I was talking about the armor of the
various armies. When one hears
"armor" they usually immediately
think "plate armor," or "knight's
armor." A full suit, in other
words. So the obvious armies in
LotR would be the elves and men -
Rohirrim and Gondorian.

However, the Easterlings had armor,
as did the Haradrim and the Uruk-
hai. Granted the Uruks had much
more primitive armor, but they had
helms and some form of upper body
and leg protection.

The armor designers spent a lot of
time researching different types of
armor, from all over the world, and
incorporated different aspects into
the armor (in whatever form it took)
for the various armies. The
Haradrim, for example, drew heavily
from African tribal armor. They
thought about where each army was
from - desert, mountains, forests -
and what type of materials they'd
have to work with, and what amount
of armor they would need.

Same goes for the weaponry. Elves,
for example, had very organic,
flowing armor and weapons. The
dwarves were more robust - thicker,
heavier weapons and armor. The
Rohirrim were horse people, so their
armor was more lightweight, and
their weapons were designed for use
on horseback. The guards of Minas
Tirith had much more ceremonial
armor - the size of the wings on
their helms denoted their rank:

Zoom, zoom

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white wings says:
(Tue Aug 20 00:30:05 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Happy Birthday angelsbb, Angelsdust, Angelus16, Anne #2, Englfish1@, and Pnthr44!

Agent Cooper - Winding slowly o'er the lea?

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wolfguard says:
(Tue Aug 20 00:00:31 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper,


Till the cows come home.



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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Aug 19 23:20:05 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Tue Aug 20 01:40:18 2019
Agent Cooper Red cows are either angry cows or Russian cows,
in any case, I head the warnings of any red cow.

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Trivia Girl says:
(Mon Aug 19 23:05:20 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Animals
Question: Checkers the dog was
associated with which US President?
Answer: Nixon

Trivia Masters: notsoShyGirl
Trivia Comedian: Agent Cooper

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Agent Cooper says:
(Mon Aug 19 20:50:36 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Red Cows at night, farmers delight! Red Cows at morning, farmers take warning! ??

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Mon Aug 19 18:19:12 2019 [Edit/Delete]
wolfguard ooo,ouch *weg

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Mon Aug 19 17:59:56 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Mon Aug 19 18:01:32 2019
Trivia Girl,

Just pulled from Google search result ...

..."A man down in Texas heard Pat on the radio mention the fact that our
two youngsters would like to have a dog", Nixon explained about a campaign
gift from a supporter from Texas, which came in the form of a cocker spaniel.

"Our little girl, Tricia, the 6-year-oldnamed it Checkers. And you know, the
kids, like all kids, love the dog and I just want to say this right now, that
regardless of what they say about it, were gonna keep it."


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Mon Aug 19 17:50:20 2019 [Edit/Delete]

I have seen reddish color cows and have heard that story about the red cow

However, the question is whether or not these cows produce red milk. *g*


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Agent Cooper says:
(Mon Aug 19 15:41:46 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Trivia Girl: Zaphod Breeblebrox, President of the Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps more importantly, inventor of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Mon Aug 19 15:12:23 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Trivia Girl

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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Mon Aug 19 14:11:55 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Mon Aug 19 14:13:04 2019
wolfguard white wings lostinamerica Cows can have reddish coats, always with whit e or other markings. Some who plan the reconstruction of t he Temple in Jerusalem are looking for a spotless red heifer to purify it afterwards

ShadowQuest Not sure what you mean by obvious in connection with LOTR armies and why any of them could be non-obvious

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Trivia Girl says:
(Mon Aug 19 13:54:20 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Animals
Question: Checkers the dog was
associated with which US President?

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