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wolfguard says:
(Wed Jun 5 04:10:44 2019
White Wings,

So 1999 was the Summer of the Snake?


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white wings says:
(Wed Jun 5 02:42:15 2019
Happy Birthday Black Aria, DingoBaby, greeneyes, Sushi, and WillowLover101!

Christopher Marlowe - Did the flan go down well?

wolfguard - All too true about GD2. It also still has the power to hurt a shipper's heart. *sniff*
OTOH, I spent the last part of that season fearing that they'd kill Angel off, and that the spinoff would feature some semblance of him that wasn't real. They'd find a twin brother or something. Ah, the terrors of youth. So GD2 was also a bit of a relief. Then I was chomped by a rattlesnake, which was definitely a distraction of sorts. *g*

Agent Cooper - I was watching TV with the family one afternoon right after Christmas a few years ago when the bank got hold of me to say my credit card was going on a shopping spree in Dallas. It hadn't gotten nearly as far or been as adventurous as your card. Yours is a better story, but I'm kind of grateful.

lostinamerica - I could swear that I've had emails from Mrs. Alice.

Comma - That's the general story of the cancellation. It's what everyone, even Joss, said. However, when BTVS moved to UPN after the WB cancellation, there was a condition that if the WB cancelled ATS within two years, then UPN would pick it up. I think there was NO danger of cancellation within that time period, but after the two years had passed, AtS was toast. If it had been higher in the ratings it might have lasted, but I think that all Joss really did was give himself a chance to end it. That's just my opinion, though.

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed Jun 5 01:09:35 2019
Agent Cooper I had that
happen to me...not fun seeing other
people have fun.

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Trivia Girl says:
(Wed Jun 5 00:46:21 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: What character did Azura Skye portray on Buffy?
Answer: Cassie

Trivia master: notsoShyGirl

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wolfguard says:
(Tue Jun 4 22:04:46 2019
Angel cancellation ...


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Comma says:
(Tue Jun 4 17:54:16 2019
I just read where 'Angel' was cancelled due to Joss demanding it be renewed, or cancelled, in February instead of waiting until the normal month of May. Between it being cancelled, for another season, in February and May, the rating went up high enough that the network would have renewed it. It was too late, in May, to try and make another season. Everyone was already moving on.

I have always wanted to see the outcome with the fight with the Dragon!


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Agent Cooper says:
(Tue Jun 4 15:47:27 2019
Hmmm...I could use a few millions Euros about now.

Usually these folks are from Nigeria. It's nice to see an ambitious, entrepreneurially minded French person out there trying to make a buck.

I once had my credit card number stolen online. Whomever stole it visited some very well regarded houses of ill repute in the Netherlands and apparently received some very extensive massage services, and then bought some cutting edge computer hardware from a London shop.

It was quite the credit card statement that month.

Sadly, this is probably as close to actually visiting Europe as I will ever come. :-)

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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Tue Jun 4 14:08:52 2019
white wings I didn't think they had them in So-Cal, either, I just figured maybe she'd heard about them and how hard they are to get rid of. I worked in context of her conversation with Anya, in which Anya expressed doubts about how well she thought Harmony would do in the second of 5 contests with the bad guy, Xander's head being forfeit if the bad guy wins. (Anya was so concerned she had just made Harmony swear an oath on her honor as a Cordette to try her best. When Harmony blows it, in order t os top Anya form attacking the vampire and trying to decapitate her with her false fingernails- and Anya is mad enough to pull it off, Cordelia has to give her a straight-on, full-body, un-Cordy-like hug.)

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lostinamerica says:
(Tue Jun 4 13:53:36 2019
Agent Cooper--Sorry to hear that about your mom :(

Got to go, need to help that poor French woman invest her 8 million
Euros, uh, yeah :D

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notsoShyGirl says:
(Tue Jun 4 13:32:05 2019
Trivia Girl
Cassie Newton

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Trivia Girl says:
(Tue Jun 4 12:13:16 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: What character did Azura Skye portray on Buffy?

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Tue Jun 4 11:44:49 2019
Today Tuesday, June 4th 2019 C.E.

We have FIVE (5) Birthdays!

Black Aria

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Black Aria, DingoBaby, greeneyes, Sushi, WillowLover101n

You have reached Ritual Sacrifice. For goats, press one or say 'goats.' To sacrifice a loved one or pet, press the pound key. Phone Menu Voice, 'Conviction (1)'

to be added to the birthday list, please email

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Jun 4 11:36:52 2019
wolfguard If I ever have a day off, I'm doing a Buffy rewatch!

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wolfguard says:
(Tue Jun 4 05:29:06 2019
Just watched Graduation Day 2. Twenty-years old and timeless.


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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Jun 4 04:36:04 2019
white wings I happen to have flan in a cup too. *g*

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white wings says:
(Tue Jun 4 02:44:36 2019
Christopher Marlowe - I think we all suffer from that problem. Which reminds me, that flan in a cup was pretty good, and I still have one. So I think I'll eat it too. *g*

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Jun 4 02:27:11 2019
wolfguard I suffer a lot of that, wanting my cake and eat it!

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Trivia Girl says:
(Tue Jun 4 01:41:37 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

category: State Symbols
Question: What is the official land mammal of Hawaii?
Answer: Bat

Trivia Master: notsoShyGirl
Trivia Comedian: Agent Cooper

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white wings says:
(Tue Jun 4 00:08:30 2019
Happy Birthday Angel Fangs, Cecily, Jamie, pumpkin, and Spellcaster_Slayer!

DaddyCatALSO - Cordelia certainly had spells when she thought of Xander that way. I'm not certain they have chiggers in SoCal, though. No, wait, I googled. Their general range isn't supposed to include California, but residents there believe that they do. I'll go with the residents, as they are the ones with the itches. *g*

Agent Cooper - Backhoes early Sunday mornings do seem uncivilized in the 'burbs.

I'm sorry about your mom. It will be really hard on your dad. About all you can do is try to see that she enjoys her time safely, though it may be out of anyone's control.

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wolfguard says:
(Mon Jun 3 21:46:40 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

Kate Raworth believes conventional economic theories and models do not agree
with the realities of economic behavior in a natural environment. Below I've
copied the opening of Wikipedia's article on her.1

One trouble with using conventional economic theory/thinking to persuade
people to support some environmental policy is two-fold: (1) Most people do
not know economics or worst think they do2, (2) "The Rational
Man" model that underlies microeconomics3 oversimplifies human
decision-making, sometimes to great error.

Another potential problem is may not be able to have your cake and eat it
to. A situation may require choosing between two things, e.g. jobs or owls.
One shared concept between economics and environmental science are limits
(economics uses the synonym, "scarcity"). Also intrinsic to economic
decision-making is "opportunity cost", sometimes referred to as the real
cost of an economic decision. Essentially this cost is what you give up to
do something else. Example: One cost to Christopher Marlowe of going to a
meeting is not posting at the Bronze (unless you do covert posting). *g*

Finally, for now, is perception. Most people in developed societies are
relatively divorced from how their choices affect the overall natural
environment. We're too far away, we can't perceive the big pictures.
4 Oddly, there's a counter perception that the world is so big
that we can't imagine how people can effect it.

Oops, finally-finally, we carry a lot of misconceptions are how systems
work. And then there's math. We don't do it well.

1 Raworth studied Economics at Oxford. After 20 years working for
the UN and Oxfam, she is currently a Visiting Research Fellow, Tutor and
Advisory Board member of the Environmental Change Institute of University of
Oxford.[2][3] She is also a Senior Associate at the Cambridge Institute for
Sustainability Leadership. [4]

In 2017, she published Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st
Century Economist, which is a counter-proposal to mainstream economic
thinking that formulates conditions for a sustainable economy. In this book
she advocates reconsidering the foundations of economic science.[5] Instead
of focusing on the growth of the economy, she focuses on a model where there
can be ensured that everyone on earth has access to their basic needs, such
as adequate food and education, while not limiting opportunities for future
generations by protecting our ecosystem.[6][7] The book was longlisted for
the 2017 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award.

SOURCE: Wikipedia, "Kate Raworth"

2 They may have once had a introductory course which they may not
have understood or remember imperfectly - or both. They may have interest in
economic issues, but usually think of the issues through the lens of some
favored economist or political ideology.

3 Microeconomics studies how economic decisions are made by
consumers and producers and how markets emerge from such individual
decisions. The basic decision-making model assumes the decision-maker is
rational, has perfect information, and does a full analysis of the economic
decision before them (considers all the alternatives, outcomes, costs and
benefits). In reality few decision-makers have perfect information or the
resources or inclination to do a full analysis. There's also the question of
how one defines "rational". Some people see 'rational' as synonymous with
doing the analysis thing. This is well enough, but ignores values and goals.
I can do analysis on how best to blow my money, but I don't know if it would
be rational. Some define 'rational' as not making the same mistake twice. By
this definition most of us are probably irrational most of the time. *g*

4 If we did not have satellite photos of the south pole, we
probably never would have realized the ozone layer above it was dissolving.
We would have eventually seen the increase in cancers, but we would probably
have misidentified the cause.


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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Mon Jun 3 20:36:06 2019
Weird. In connection with my collections job for "Electric Company A" our automated dialer rang a certain number. I reached someone who told me he had just gotten that phone # & was himself seeking assistance to prevent a shutoff. I finished noting and updating our account for the person I was supposed to be calling. I asked the fellow his acct. #, turns out he's with a completely different electric company. I advised him those assistance programs do take some time and wished him best of luck. Poor guy did NOT need my call

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Agent Cooper says:
(Mon Jun 3 19:17:38 2019
Trivia Girl: Don Ho!

Whup has been really busy, but I had a good weekend, other than being woken at a very early hour Sunday morning by a back hoe being used at a neighbor's house. Later on in the day I saw a Sherrif's car parked in said neighbor's driveway, and I'm really hoping they were having a chat about my town's noise ordinances. :-)

Oh, and my mom is now officially old person crazy, but that's another story.

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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Mon Jun 3 14:08:54 2019
white wings I had Cordelia compare Xander t oa chigger in one of my fics

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notsoShyGirl says:
(Mon Jun 3 13:32:21 2019
Trivia Girl
Hawaiian Hoary Bat

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Trivia Girl says:
(Mon Jun 3 12:41:56 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

category: State Symbols
Question: What is the official land mammal of Hawaii?

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Mon Jun 3 12:29:10 2019
Today Monday, June 3rd 2019 C.E.

We have FIVE (5) Birthdays!

Angel Fangs

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Angel Fangs, Cecily, Jamie, pumpkin

I'm fairly certain I said no interruptions. Buffy, 'Checkpoint''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

^ v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, says:
(Mon Jun 3 12:26:09 2019
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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Jun 3 12:21:48 2019
Good morning beta! looks like the Yays of the day have been scaled back...I will email OldManFan

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white wings says:
(Mon Jun 3 05:26:22 2019
Edited: Mon Jun 3 14:43:45 2019
Comma - Its far too soon to give up. Theres the whole El Nino thing and some oscillation
and blobs and water temperatures (which Colorado apparently says are cool and everyone else
says are warm) and God (or some cosmic karmic force). Lots of room for error.

Its true that I am a climate change scientist denier. I think they are minions of a movement to use
climate change to seize political control, but they may not realize that, and just be passionately
convinced to the point that theyll do anything to make people agree with them. Remember the
scandal in the UK a while back when emails were found of UN scientists discussing cherry-picking
numbers? Then there is the way numbers that were never adjusted before, like satellite and buoy
data, are now being adjusted. When anyone objecting is run out of the profession, I smell a rat.
They even do odd things locally. I once saw a web page showing the number of 100 degree days in
Austin summarized by decade, and damned if they didnt include 2011 in two different decades.
2011 had over 90 days of 100+ days.

But even if I dont trust the scientists, it doesnt mean that something isnt going on. *g*

I think the board is editing out my apostrophes on the iPad. Im not actually illiterate.

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Comma says:
(Mon Jun 3 03:45:12 2019
I checked with my friends over at NOAH. They pointed me to the University of Colorado report. Without giving the number of depressions and hurricanes, they do give the percentage of a below normal season verses a normal and above season.

Below normal Hurricane season: 65%
Normal or above season: 35%

I may be wrong.


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white wings says:
(Mon Jun 3 03:17:01 2019
Belated Happy BirthdayAngelzahotie, Lelezinha, Lexy, lilpuff, MrGordo, and Pizza hound

Happy Birthday amystar, banana, Mercy, PilotGrl, Simon, and ThePlayer!

lostinamerica - I don't know about hot dog buns, but the King's Hawaiian brand also puts out savory dinner rolls and some whole grain stuff. The dinner rolls are fine, but not when you planned to sink your fangs into sweet eggy bread. They may have some other kind of buns, though I've never seen them. Stale ones, yes, but I don't think that's the fault of the bread maker. *g*

Saw my first fawn loss today, by the side of the road. *sigh* On the other hand, a doe stashed her fawn in a bed very close to my front door. Why can't they choose the bed on the side of the garage, where I seldom look? The bed she used holds the hose I wanted to water the potted plants at the front door. I had to haul water for them. *grump*

Curiouser and curiouser, the latest mad shooter apparently wasn't fired and wasn't going to be fired. He handed an resignation and then cut loose. Some other rejection? Huh.

It's that time of year when going out to garden mid-day is apt to bring on very spacey need to sit down in the coolth spells. Also, since I was weeding a rather neglected area at my parents' old house, there was danger of chiggers. I had to get myself home and wash everything down, and stash the clothes separately so they won't touch anything else before I can get them laundered.

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lostinamerica says:
(Mon Jun 3 02:23:57 2019
Happy Birthday Amystar!

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Jun 3 00:17:38 2019
Edited: Mon Jun 3 00:20:00 2019
wolfguard I'm not sure I could articulate my thoughts clearly or

There have been efforts by environmentalists to get more people to support
environmental causes through a variety of ways.

For example, evoking sympathy in the plight of this or that endangered
creature, forest, or other aspect of nature. I think in some cases, there is
the possibility that such tactics are or could be manufactured to suit an
agenda, whether well-intentioned or not.

It the case of the 'Doughnut Economics' my initial reaction is that this is a
way to try to get folks who climate-change deniers or simply don't care about
the environment, to get them to support environmental issues through something
that they might more easily accept: economics.

Sort of like marshalling economic data that saving the Spotted Owl habitat
from logging, would save logging.

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wolfguard says:
(Sun Jun 2 18:49:35 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

"...leery of making an economic case for environmentalism.."

How so?

Mainstream economic theory argues, in part, that environmental problems
result from negative externalities and imperfect or lacking property rights.

An externality exist when a given product's price does not reflect all the
costs. For instance, when one of these new electric scooter companies do not
much concern themselves where users park the scooters after use.1

Property rights create incentives to take care of the property.2
Cows have done well, relative to Bison, because folks have claims on their
value (and as less beef is eaten or milk is drunk, we'll probably see a
decline in the total herd sizes). Conversely, if people want to travel to
the Great American Plains and want to see Buffalo herds, then if folks own
those herds they will see incentives to protect them,

"The Tragedy of the Commons" described what can happen to something valued
by humans, but not owned by any humans. The incentive is a race between
users to get all they can while they can (commercial fishing is probably the
most cited example). OTOH, Elinor Ostron showed cases where local
communities who depended on such resources would create ways to regulate the
use of said resources.

The above said, there's a logic to saying a finite thing probably cannot be
used indefinitely. If you have 1,000,000 Hypotheticals that once consumed
are gone, that's it. Economists might argue as the supply went down, the
price would go down conserving what remained (OTOH, what's the point of a
Hypothetical if you can't consume it? *g*). Economists would also argue as
the price went up, substitutes would be found or people would search for
ways to make/find more Hypotheticals. How have both positions played out in
history? A few cases ...

(1) Thomas Malthus wrote "An Essay on the Principle of Population".
Nutshell: Agricultural production grows through addition. Population grows
through multiplication.3 Consequently population will eventually
outpace agricultural production. People will starve until the population
declines to agricultural capacity. A policy consequence was providing
working people with more than subsistence wages would lead to over-
population. Malthus did not like the results of his reasoning, but there it

BUT, Malthus' prediction has not yet happened in the West or much of the
world.4 Nevertheless, folks like Paul R. Ehrlich (The
Population Bomb
, 1968) and "The Club of Rome" (The Limits of
, 1972) continue to argue that without drastic changes in the ways
societies, polities, and economies work - they will be an apocalyptic
collapse. So far, so good (OTOH, all domestic turkeys can say the same
(Beware the Ides of November!)).

During and after the 1974 Oil Embargo folks have been predicting the end of
oil is nigh. I remember those days. Gas prices went from 30 cents a gallon
to a dollar a gallon. Spiked again in 1979 (Iranian revolution) and 1990
(Saddam invaded Kuwait). However, for most of next thirty years oil was
relatively cheap, especially when adjusted for inflation. There was a sharp
increase in the summer of 2008 which collapsed with the coming of the Great
Recession in the fall of 2008.5

In Gusher of Lies: the dangerous delusions of "energy independence",
author Robert Bryce wrote, "...In fact, the U.S. has been importing gas
for decades, and over the coming decades, those imports are going to rise
dramatically (p. 199) ... America's ability to produce its own natural may
be falling, but plenty of other countries around the world have gas to sell
" What happened next? Shale. Now the US is an exporter of NG.
Somehow Bryce, who writes on energy, missed what was going on in the oil and
gas fields. And Bryce is pro-energy industry. His first suggestion for
(capitals in the original).

A former CEO of British Petroleum said the only accurate prediction he could
make on oil prices was ~"prices will change" and anything beyond that would
be "gossip".

I've made a few accurate commercial "predictions". In the 60's could see a
market for more neat camping stuff (REI, but I did not see the demand for
outdoor recreation clothing *g*). In the 70's, the market for Geographical
Information Systems and the market for what would become "Paintball" and
"Airsoft". I was right on what space activities would be commercial
successes, but got fooled by the potential for making products in space. In
1974, I thought the oil embargo would lead to an increase in nuclear power -
then Three Mile Island in 1979. Got it wrong. *g*

CNN News Report: A protester got on stage where a forum was being
held with Senator Kamala Harris. Grabbed the microphone. Eventually got
hustled off. CNN reported Harris owns/carries a gun (better not have a high
capacity magazine! *g*)

1 Expanding on electric scooters, do you use them on the road or
the sidewalk or somewhere else? They are too fast for the sidewalk and often
too slow for the road which creates costs for both pedestrians and drivers.
Who pays for this external cost?

2 I have no idea what I was going to put here. *g*

3 In technical speak, agricultural production grows
arithmetically and population increases geometrically.

4 Hail Norman Borlaug!

5 One way to bring down the price of oil is an economic


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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Sun Jun 2 15:21:27 2019
Today and Yesterday were Sat/Sun June 1/2nd 2019 C.E.

We have and had TWELVE (12) Birthdays!

pizza hound

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Angelzahotie, Lelezinha, Lexy, lilpuff
MrGordo, pizza hound, amystar, banana, Mercy, PilotGrl, Simon, ThePlayern

Bye, now. Have good sex. Kaylee, 'Jaynestown'''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

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lostinamerica says:
(Sun Jun 2 11:58:32 2019
white wings--I just want to know when it became acceptable to more and
more people that when life isn't going your way, the answer is to get a gun and
kill people :(

white wings, DaddyCatALSO--The hot dog buns just didn't taste like
Hawaiian Bread--maybe they were old, white wings :(

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Jun 2 04:56:22 2019
wolfguard Thank you! While I sometimes get a a bit ...leery of making an economic case for environmentalism, I will have to give this a deeper look.

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wolfguard says:
(Sun Jun 2 04:12:31 2019
Edited: Sun Jun 2 04:15:07 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

It's a book title and a concept proposed by Kate Raworth. She's an applied
economist who has spent her career working for NGO's. The page before the
contents has this line ...

The most powerful tool in economics is not money, nor even algebra. It's
a pencil. Because with a pencil you can redraw the world.

Rather than explaining her idea, here's a link to search results ....

There are a number of videos of her ideas. Her ideas draw people. Check some
of the more literate critical reader reviews of her book on Amazon.

ETA Try this four minute review


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white wings says:
(Sun Jun 2 04:09:38 2019
Christopher Marlowe - You are correct for the coast. You never know if one of the hurricanes will be an Andrew or a Harvey. You and I had best plan for tornadoes and floods, although I do have to plan house room for refugee relatives from the coast sometimes.

A carnival with no delights for the older members of the species. Oh dear. Yes, if you have no rugrats of your own, a swift retreat would be safest for all. You could be innocently walking and trample some that dart out in front of you. Italian sounds yummy.

I did finally go out and purchase a second 50' snake and a packet of zip ties and a length of 1 " PVC pipe for further snaking. I can't say it made me more awake, but it was better than the afternoon dreams.

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Jun 2 03:51:08 2019

What is Doughnut economics?

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wolfguard says:
(Sun Jun 2 03:48:45 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

Depends on your interests. For the past week or so, I've been reading or re-
reading ...

Doughnut Economics
Surviving Mass Victim Attacks
Restless Continent
The Rise of China vs The Logic of Strategy

Some recommendations ...

Cities and the Wealth of Nations
Physics for Future Presidents
98.6 Degrees
The Unthinkable
8 Ways to Run the Country
Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes

Any of David McDaniel's "The Man From UNCLE" titles (The Dagger Affair, The
Vampire Affair, The Monster Wheel Affair, The Rainbow Affair, The Utopia
Affair, The Hollow Crown Affair, The Final Affair)

Try any of the volumes in "The Edge Question" series. Example: What Is
Your Dangerous Idea?

In the past four days I've watched Earshot, Choices, The Prom, Graduation
Day 1
. Greatly enjoyed them all.


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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Jun 2 02:36:06 2019
I am atill hereabouts

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun Jun 2 00:29:24 2019
wolfguard Any recent books you can recommend?

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Jun 1 23:21:13 2019
white wings I think us mere mortals will have to prep for hurricanes anyways, if more or less hurricanes come, they come, whether its 1 or 20.

My day was not as quiet, as venturing downtown revealed a kids carnival with plenty of the young-uns scampering about. I beat a hasty retreat with friends at a quiet Italian restaurant.

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white wings says:
(Sat Jun 1 19:43:04 2019
Quiet day. I fell asleep with a pc in my lap, and had most disquieting homeowner type dreams. I somehow flipped an tube type miniature rectangular TV (Samsung, I remember it was a Samsung) on the floor and broken the front of it, only that wasn't the actual TV screen, and was wondering if I could salvage it, but I kept finding old corroding AA and C batteries stashed inside the case. Then I went to the corner of the room, which somehow didn't have a back wall, and the hardwood floor planks curved over the high foundation, and water kept squishing out under the floor. Then I woke up, and I'm feeling much better now.

Late last night I was looking at the weather and found one site that was talking about the Colorado and NOAA predictions for this hurricane season. The date was May 30 or 31. Colorado decided that it would be a slightly lighter than usual season based on it being a weak El Nino, and western Atlantic temperatures being cooler. NOAA predicted a slightly more active season based on western Atlantic temperatures being warm and getting warmer. If that's what the experts come up with, what are mere mortals to do?

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white wings says:
(Sat Jun 1 16:35:06 2019
Good morning Beta.

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white wings says:
(Sat Jun 1 04:20:51 2019
Happy Birthday Corsa_am and Karma!

Comma, Christopher Marlowe - I hope you are wrong about hurricane season, but we'll know pretty soon. My primary reason for hope is that it's an El Nino summer, and they say that the El Nino upper level winds tend to blow hurricanes apart. I have another reason, which may or may not be correct. Ocean temperatures are taken from ship sensors and buoy sensors. Buoys are more accurate, because they are not located near a source of heat, such as a ship's engine. I've read that ship data tends to be at least a degree higher than buoy data. For years, there were a lot fewer buoys, but now there are a lot more. So they adjusted the buoy data to match the ship data. The Atlantic might not be quite as warm as you are being told it is. OTOH, hurricanes aren't necessarily bound to follow patterns we think we see.

Christopher Marlowe(2) Mass killings (other than terrorist/political/religiously inspired) are either on the rise or we have more access to the news. Probably both. Also, it seems as though every day I read some story about a woman being killed by her husband or ex, and if a day is skipped, it's filled in by a woman killing her husband or trying to find a hitman. I think that what needs to be removed from society is the feeling of entitlement to use violence if there is disagreement or rejection. People need to re-learn that personal or professional disappointments need to be accepted and dealt with by other means than killing everyone in sight. Since that's a strategy that results in the perpetrator's life being lost or essentially destroyed, it would be much better for that lesson to be learned in general. Apparently it's not widely taught any more. Am I just old-fashioned?

Christopher Marlowe(3) I looked over the Florida bill. I hate the way they break bills down to read (it was going to take more time than I had to figure out the final version), so I fell back on the summary, which might not be the best way to be informed. Anyway, I'm basing my take on that. It makes me very uneasy, but it doesn't say that any criticism of Israel is anti-semitism.

The bill seeks to prevent discrimination due to anti-semitism in schools, and treat it the same way as discrimination due to race. To that end, it tries to define anti-semitism, and (according to the summary) it does so as:

1. A certain perception of the Jewish people, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jewish people.
2. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism directed toward a person, his or her property, or toward Jewish community institutions or religious facilities.

The bill also provides many examples of anti-Semitism, including:

1. Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews, often in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.
2. Accusing Jews as a people or the State of Israel of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.
3. Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations.

The bill also provides that examples of anti-Semitism related to Israel include:

1.Applying a double standard to Israel by requiring behavior of Israel that is not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation, or focusing peace or human rights investigations only on Israel.
2. Delegitimizing Israel by denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination and denying Israel the right to exist.

As you can see above, it's not all criticism of Israel that is called anti-semitism, and apparently it's not prohibiting anti-semitism unless it is the reason for discrimination. On the other hand, defining the act of discrimination in this case could eventually get to be so fine as to include things like "He was mean to me", or "she wouldn't sit by me", or "she doesn't like me" , or "he made me feel uncomfortable, where's my safe space?"

I've become more and more uncomfortable with the label of "hate speech", and I didn't much like it to begin with. I think there's a difference between saying "there oughta be a law" and actually having a law. Codify it and you've created a weapon.

What just happened? I shouldn't be thinking. I was out snaking a drain earlier, and I'm tired. Well, accidents happen.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Jun 1 03:09:51 2019
Comma I am very much afraid
that you are right.

^ v
Comma says:
(Sat Jun 1 02:51:06 2019
I have not scientific support, except for the temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, of the following statement. It is just a feeling that I have had for several weeks.

"I believe that this hurricane season will be one for the history books."

In my humble opinion, the water, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is just way too warm not to produce huge hurricanes. I do hope that I am very wrong.


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Jun 1 01:14:22 2019
and yet another shooting..

^ v
Comma says:
(Sat Jun 1 00:52:37 2019
Edited: Sat Jun 1 00:57:45 2019
R.I.P. BlackBerry Messenger. The support for it goes away at midnight eastern time.


PS: I never knew that it even was a real thing. CC

PSS: Thanks des. Sometimes the world gets involved in my life. CC

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat Jun 1 00:12:11 2019
I am hereabouts!

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Fri May 31 12:43:28 2019
Morning Drive-By. Whup is Busy Busy Busy...Really cutting into my Bronze post time.

That is all!

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Fri May 31 12:16:25 2019
Today Friday, May 31st 2019 C.E.

We have TWO (2) Birthdays!


Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Corsa_am, Karma

Fred: The size and depth of the wound indicate a female vampire. Harmony: Or gay! Fred: Umit doesn't really work like that.'Harm's Way'''

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^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Fri May 31 12:09:45 2019
Edited: Fri May 31 12:11:28 2019
Good morning beta! It's Friday!


wolfguard, white wings

It is Florida.


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 31 06:19:49 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

I've not heard of the bill. Is this something being written in the US
Congress or overseas?

Tonight watched The Prom

(to Xander)
Men are evil. Will you go with me?

(to Willow)
I can't breathe Will

(Reading award to Buffy)
Something creepy happen. You showed up and stopped it...

Buffy Summers
Class Protector

Wild Horses


^ v
white wings says:
(Fri May 31 03:45:42 2019
des - Good to see you. Sad to see the subject that delurked you. I'm glad that you were able to have the memory.

^ v
des says:
(Fri May 31 03:38:22 2019
Filling in for Comma, Blues and jazz artist Leon Redbone passed away Thursday at the age of 69.
On a side note; I, and about fifty others, had the pleasure of watching him live in a small club in the early 80s

^ v
white wings says:
(Fri May 31 02:23:36 2019
Happy Birthday Angelphyer, Arachne, Donuts and Coffee, Elly, Gatekeeper, Mel, ReallyEnglish, and Vampling(Rhiannon)!

RIP darcie

Christopher Marlowe - There really is such a bill? If so, then clearly the same lack of education + longings for totalitarian control that tries to suppress "hate speech" and puts bias police on college campuses has equally infected the other end the political spectrum. What do they do with Israelis that criticize Israel? *g*

On the other hand I have to say that calling Jews "termites", or saying that they are buying control of this country to its detriment (both echoes from the bunch that actually did massacre at least 6 million people) is definite anti-semitism. I think that wanting to wipe Israel off the map is also anti-semitism.

But I'm not certain that anything that doesn't call for actual violence could be constitutionally forbidden. Some voluntary shunning on the part of society in general would be more in order.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Fri May 31 01:38:14 2019
wolfguard I saw something
interesting in the news lately,
about a bill that basically says
that if there is criticism of
Israel, that is anti-Semitism.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 31 00:38:54 2019


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Fri May 31 00:19:58 2019
Home and Here!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu May 30 18:05:55 2019

I think there's a difference between why some fans act towards actor couples
as you described and how some felt towards Wesley's position in

Your observations can be seen as a derivative of the actors' performances.
Some fans cannot separate the actors from the characters.

In Choices Wesley got tagged with personifying "the greater good"
position in the story. Few people facing Buffy's decision would sacrifice a
friend or family for "society".1 And seriously, what fan even
felt Buffy had a choice? Facing Willow's capture, Buffy went immediately for
a trade and everyone but Wesley was in agreement. If Wesley had not been
there, there'd have been no drama, just planning on how to get Willow
back.2 Kudos to how they ended the debate - Oz slamming the
vessel off the stand.

Choices itself is just a superb tale and well-placed for showing
Buffy taking action against the Mayor and raising the tempo of the final
arc. I could write an essay or two on Choices. *g*

1 ~One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic~ Josef

2 Just to tarnish Wesley a bit, the writers had him tell Buffy
that destroying the box - instead of saving Willow - would let her go to
college out of state, showing he had no understanding of Buffy's values.


^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu May 30 16:13:46 2019
wolfguard Yes, Wes was right, but what I call in charitable mode "stupid fan tricks" and when I'm peeved "fanpidity" can get in the way of grasping things.
Alexis wouldn't actually date Alyson while they were w working together, but they did hang out a lot on down time on the set. ALy talked about fangirls with set passes excited to "meet Willow" but when they saw whom she was speaking with would say "eww, you're that guy." Kind of what Amber and Adam had to put up with when they were dating.

lostinamerica white wings ,/b] I enjoy sweet tasting breads like Kings with butter but I'm less fond of them in sandwiches. No fan of sweet main d ishes or salads at all. I wouldn't eat chicken, tuna, or macaroni salads growing up because Pennsylvania Deitsch style is to flavor them with sweet pickle juice. Also why I dislike salmon

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Thu May 30 13:58:47 2019
Trivia Girl

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Thu May 30 12:13:34 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

category: Phobias
Question: What do you fear if you have Escalaphobia?

^ v
TheBithdayGnomette says:
(Thu May 30 11:44:09 2019
Today Thursday, May 30th 2019 C.E.

We have EIGHT (8) Birthdays!

Donuts and Coffee

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Angelphyer, Arachne, darcie, Donuts and Coffee, Elly, Gatekeeper, Mel, ReallyEnglish, Vampling(Rhiannon)n

Darn your sinister attraction! Buffybot, 'Intervention'''

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^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Thu May 30 11:38:57 2019
Good morning beta!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu May 30 05:57:17 2019
Just watched Choices. This is one of my favorite episodes. Humor,
"clandestine meetings in the night", solid theme.

~That's where there make Gileses

Maybe you need a better nature.

I gotta have plan? Really? I just can't be proactive with pep?

~Let's synchronize our watches...

Buffy and Willow hold up their wrists. No watches.

And Wesley was right, though few fans would say so. Something important
about stories and fans there. *g*

Night All


^ v
white wings says:
(Thu May 30 05:33:58 2019
Christopher Marlowe - Thats a relief. National reporting always sounds pretty dire. As long
as Jim Cantore doesnt show up, youll probably be safe. ;-)

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Thu May 30 03:31:24 2019
white wings The worst of it
seems to be some tourist resort a
bit south of us, where the access
road was washed out. But that will
be fixed tomorrow.

^ v
white wings says:
(Thu May 30 02:35:00 2019
Christopher Marlowe - I'm relieved that you are high and dry. As long as your utilities continue to work and you don't try to pass unpassable streets, you should be OK. *fingers crossed*

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Thu May 30 01:45:37 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Angel
Question: What was the name of
dimension Lorne came from?
Answer: PYlea

Trivia Master: notsoShyGirl!

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Thu May 30 01:21:20 2019
Edited: Thu May 30 01:22:49 2019


white wings I'm perfectly fine in my third-floor apartment, but quite a
few places around town were impassable for a while due to the rains.

^ v
white wings says:
(Thu May 30 00:21:15 2019
lostinamerica - I'm quite sure I wasn't at your place, because I had no roasted corn. *sniff* But I was pleased with my King's Hawaiian buns. I've noticed that you have to be careful that they don't slip older buns in on you at the store. I grabbed up some that were in a prominent place and noticed that they expired that day. So I went to the normal shelves, and while I was there someone came along with a box and restocked them in the back of the shelf. So I grabbed those. *g*

Man, the weather has been horrifying in the northern part of flyover country. Here in my part it's been fairly quiet, but from Dallas up towards Rapid City and east towards Philly, and every place in between has been in some kind of trouble. The wind map shows a line between the north and south winds slanting up over Dallas. Another War between the Winds, so to speak. *g*

A remote coworker in Palm Springs has been commenting on how nice it's been, in the 80s and 90s. That's the stuff of apocalypses too.

^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Wed May 29 22:49:40 2019
white wings--And here we
had Mexican street corn roasted on
the grill and Hawaiian Bread hot
dog buns, sure you weren't at my

I will say the Hawaiian Bread buns
were disappointing, I'll stick
with just the bread with lots of
butter :)

Happy Birthday Niblet!

Belated Yay! Peace Fire!

Belated Happy Birthday
Genevieve's Lucie!

^ v
white wings says:
(Wed May 29 17:13:37 2019
Happy Birthday babyvamp1, Obi-wan, Niblet, and Trijinie!

Christopher Marlowe - I just saw a report of flooding and even sewer backups in your city. Are you OK in your location?

wolfguard - Ah, the classics. All good memories. Sadly, Buffy's own epiphany about isolation as revealed to Jonathan is too wordy to be easily remembered, and not as compellingly amusing. Then there's the lunch lady, who probably deserved more sympathy than she ever got. I mean, something drove her to snap. *g*

I didn't see enough of Arya (like, nothing, aside from your links) to make a parallel myself. I think one difference between the shows was that to Buffy, life was short it wasn't cheap. And she did have a dragon, briefly. She also had a multi-headed snapping thing twice. *g* OTOH, Arya didn't have the luxury being able to kill metaphors.

DaddyCatALSO - Fortunately "motorized wheelchairs" reminds me of various coworkers, which I suspect is a happier association.

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Wed May 29 14:06:48 2019
white wings " motorized wheelchairs " reminds me of my ex-wife

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Wed May 29 13:26:37 2019
Trivia Girl

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Wed May 29 12:13:57 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Angel
Question: What was the name of dimension Lorne came from?

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Wed May 29 11:51:12 2019
Today Wednesday, May 29th 2019 C.E.

We have FOUR (4) Birthdays!


Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to babyvamp1, Obi-wan, Niblet, Trijinie

Oh, no, oh, no! Spontaneous poetic exclamations. Lord, spare me college boys in love.
Dr. Walsh, 'A New Man''

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^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 29 11:44:35 2019
Good morning beta!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 29 08:28:24 2019
"Ayra Stark Is Officially The Buffy Summers Of Game Of Thrones"



^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 29 06:00:57 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

Memorial Day was quiet.

White Wings.

Thank you. Just watched Earshot. :)

(to Giles)
~Who am I? Saint Buffy? He's like three feet tall.

(to Joyce)
You had sex with Giles!? Twice! On the hood of a police car!?

(to Buffy)
(Horrified from an epiphany)
Was it a boy demon?!


^ v
white wings says:
(Wed May 29 04:42:51 2019
Happy Birthday fangfare, Genevieve's Lucie, Little Miss Muffet, MNY, and X-Lander(aka captuniv)!

DaddyCatALSO - Thank goodness time and motorized wheelchairs have washed away the memory of the original meaning of "basket case", at least for me.

lostinamerica - Hot dogs are genuine summer holiday Americana. They are even better with roast corn, but I made do with the dogs. I would accept a hamburger as a substitute, but I was alone, and I preferred nuking over cooking. King's Hawaiian Bread buns were a nice addition.

Congratulations on getting the rooms repainted. I lived on a taupe pink carpet for many years, so I understand why you wanted (and probably needed) the change. The up side of having it all done at once is that once everything is replaced, it's done, and you can rest and recover. You don't have to plan where to put things, arrange for the painters (if you didn't do it yourself), wait out the painting, put things back, and then start again, over and over. On the other hand, you probably thought of that when you arranged to have it done all at once, and are now having other thoughts. *g*

Agent Cooper - Definitely a better car commercial!

wolfguard - That was a nice offering as well.

Christopher Marlowe - How was your Tuesday. You were closer than a lot of us to some of the violent outbursts of Mother Nature. Fortunately you had Nebraska and the eastern part of SD between you and today's crop of tornadoes.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 29 02:53:20 2019
wolfguard How was your
Memorial day?

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Wed May 29 01:34:58 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: What was the name of
Willow and Tara's kitten?
Answer: Miss Kitty Fantastico!

Trivia Kitten: notsoShyGirl!

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 29 01:01:53 2019
We are a tad water-logged here, but
not as bad as I hear from Tulsa.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue May 28 16:48:04 2019

To post a link to Paul Hogan's speech at the Academy Awards a few decades ago.

Just to see that "coolest thing" thing. Curse you Agent Cooper!


^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Tue May 28 15:43:40 2019

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Tue May 28 14:13:23 2019
white wings Well, "basket case" was originally a slang term for a quadruple amputee....

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Tue May 28 12:47:27 2019
Trivia Girl
Miss Kitty Fantastico

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Tue May 28 12:39:44 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: What was the name of Willow and Tara's kitten?

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Tue May 28 12:18:55 2019
Today Tuesday, May 28th 2019 C.E.

We have EIGHT (8) Birthdays!

Genevieve's Lucie
Glenn Quinn as Francis Doyle - RIP Glenn.
Little Miss Muffet

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to fangfare, Genevieve's Lucie, Little Miss Muffet, MNY, X-Lander

Xander, don't speak Latin in front of the books! Giles, 'Superstar'''

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^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue May 28 12:13:06 2019
Good morning beta!

^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Tue May 28 11:44:46 2019
white wings--We also had hot dogs--I love a good hot dog :)

And I am just about finished putting the rooms back together after having the
walls painted :) When we moved in six years ago I didn't like the color scheme so
we went from taupe-pink tones to taupe-green tones, very subtle change but much
better! I do not recommend doing all the rooms you want done at once, however,
as it will take you over a week to get everything cleaned, dusted and moved back
into place :(

Belated Yay! Peace Fire!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue May 28 06:18:19 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

It was sunny and hot in Atlanta. It's now dark and hot. *g*


^ v
white wings says:
(Tue May 28 05:00:19 2019

Happy Memorial Day!

Yay Peace Fire!

Happy Birthday Jamie S., JustAnotherAngelLover, and L'heautontimoroumenosn!

lostinamerica - For various reasons which may have to do with some aches and pains I have obeyed you and done nothing (including thinking). Well, I cooked some hot dogs in the holiday spirit and took a walk in the (relative) cool of the evening. I did watch some deer. A mom and her child wandered through my yard before rounding the house where she showed the kid how nice the shade under my fig tree was, and probably explained how tasty the figs would be when they matured. How did you spend the day?

Trivia Girl - Thank you for the compendium of facts about Memorial Day, which I do remember as Decoration Day from my youth (which preceded 1971). I remember threading red, white, and blue crepe through the bicycle spokes and having streamers from the handlebars. I think we also did this on the 4th of July. I wish I remembered how to ride a bicycle. *g*

Christopher Marlowe - It was warm and dry in my part of the world today. There were clouds most of the day, which prevented us from being hot and dry. Since you'll be getting a little hot later on this year, I hope you enjoyed the rain.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue May 28 01:26:30 2019
I am still hereabouts.

^ v
ChristpherMarlowe says:
(Mon May 27 22:15:30 2019
wolfguard Good afternoon! It was a gray and rainy day. how is it your corner of the world?

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Mon May 27 17:37:28 2019
Good Afternoon Beta :)


^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Mon May 27 17:19:07 2019
Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Memorial Day 2019 occurs on Monday, May 27.

Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season.
Early Observances of Memorial Day
The Civil War, which ended in the spring of 1865, claimed more lives than any conflict in U.S. history and required the establishment of the countrys first national cemeteries.

By the late 1860s, Americans in various towns and cities had begun holding springtime tributes to these countless fallen soldiers, decorating their graves with flowers and reciting prayers.
Did you know? Each year on Memorial Day a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time.

It is unclear where exactly this tradition originated; numerous different communities may have independently initiated the memorial gatherings. Nevertheless, in 1966 the federal government declared Waterloo, New York, the official birthplace of Memorial Day.

Waterloowhich first celebrated the day on May 5, 1866was chosen because it hosted an annual, community-wide event, during which businesses closed and residents decorated the graves of soldiers with flowers and flags.

Decoration Day

On May 5, 1868, General John A. Logan, leader of an organization for Northern Civil War veterans, called for a nationwide day of remembrance later that month. The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land, he proclaimed.
The date of Decoration Day, as he called it, was chosen because it wasnt the anniversary of any particular battle.

On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, and 5,000 participants decorated the graves of the 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there.

Many Northern states held similar commemorative events and reprised the tradition in subsequent years; by 1890 each one had made Decoration Day an official state holiday. Southern states, on the other hand, continued to honor their dead on separate days until after World War I.

History of Memorial Day
Memorial Day, as Decoration Day gradually came to be known, originally honored only those lost while fighting in the Civil War. But during World War I the United States found itself embroiled in another major conflict, and the holiday evolved to commemorate American military personnel who died in all wars.

For decades, Memorial Day continued to be observed on May 30, the date Logan had selected for the first Decoration Day. But in 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which established Memorial Day as the last Monday in May in order to create a three-day weekend for federal employees; the change went into effect in 1971. The same law also declared Memorial Day a federal holiday.

Memorial Day Traditions

Cities and towns across the United States host Memorial Day parades each year, often incorporating military personnel and members of veterans organizations. Some of the largest parades take place in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

Americans also observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries and memorials. Some people wear a red poppy in remembrance of those fallen in wara tradition that began with a World War I poem. On a less somber note, many people take weekend trips or throw parties and barbecues on the holiday, perhaps because it unofficially marks the beginning of summer.

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Mon May 27 13:59:16 2019
Today Monday, May 27th 2019 C.E.

Memorial Day
Honoring those who served

We have THREE (3) Birthdays!

Jamie S.

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Jamie S., JustAnotherAngelLover

I'm a vision of hotliness, and how weird is that? Mystical comas. You know, if you can stand the horror of a higher power hijacking your mind and body so that it can give birth to itself, I really recommend 'em. Cordelia, 'You're Welcome'''

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^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon May 27 13:23:49 2019
Good morning!

^ v
YayOfTheDay says:
(Mon May 27 12:10:39 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for peace fire!

yay peace fire!

Happy Memorial Day!

^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Mon May 27 12:00:39 2019

Happy Memorial Day!

white wings--In honor of Memorial Day, I command you to relax today :)

^ v
white wings says:
(Mon May 27 05:17:57 2019
Happy Birthday #1BTVSFan, Mischief Maker, Neo, and Rydini!

Belated Happy Birthday Satine the Shadowdancer!

I see it was a quiet weekend. I snaked drains Friday and today, and my subsequent condition seemed to give new meaning to the term "basket case". I don't know why my hand was so sore, unless it was the result of too much crocheting with double strands of knitting worsted in a tight stitch plus the snaking. The back well, the doctor said I needed "resistive" exercise, and I apparently got it. I'm not sure about the brain, but I just tried to heat up food in the refrigerator. That can't be a good sign. *g*

wolfguard - I had thoughts. I was going to pull them together, but they scattered like a flushed covey of quail. I'll have to see if I can hunt them down. I'm sure I was going to dispute some of your examples as being specific but not universal, but of course their existence made other proclamations of universality impossible. I think I need to sleep on it. *g* At the moment I am preoccupied by trying to decide if I hate snaking a drain with calcium deposits more than one with tree roots, or vice versa.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Mon May 27 04:53:21 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

The Third US Infantry Regiment?

What did I learn today?

- Goldman Sachs had a great run for thirty odd years, but may be declining.

- There are 1.2 million mariners serving on 100,000 merchant ships world-
wide. ~370,000 of them are Filipinos (They are well-trained, hard-working,
speak English, work-hard, and are flexible). One in ten Filipinos work
overseas and send home ~$6 billion. Filipino mariners account for 1/5 of
those remittances.

- Major General F. von Mellenthin described Hitler as ~ Extremely clever.
Extraordinary memory. Superb orator. Capacity to read an opponents'
weaknesses and exploit them fully. Utterly ruthless. ~ That said, Hitler
thought invading Poland in 1939 was a local matter. He was surprised when
Britain and France reacted by declaring war on Germany. Hitler turned to one
general and asked, "What now?"

I noted the description, because long, long ago "Hitler" became a caricature
- crazy, evil incarnate. Thinking in caricatures leads to faulty analysis.

- "Learning Styles" refers to different ways a person might learn. One
scheme is called VAK (visual-auditory-kinesthetic). Do different styles
exist? Yes. Next question: Does adapting teaching methods to favor a
person's preferred learning style lead to better learning? Based on research
to date, no.


^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Mon May 27 00:10:27 2019
Today Sunday, May 26th 2019 C.E.

We have FOUR (4) Birthdays!

Mischief Maker

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to #1BTVSFan, Mischief Maker, Neo

Angel: Lorne, you're Lorne: Reliable as a cheap fortune cookie? Angel: I was gonna say a guy with good contacts 'Players'''

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^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun May 26 23:49:39 2019
wolfguard Good
afternoon/evening! Learn anything
new? *g* I learned about the 'Old
Guard, at Arlington.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun May 26 18:34:48 2019
Good Afternoon Beta :)


^ v
Comma says:
(Sun May 26 18:21:48 2019
R.I.P. Bart Starr. ROLL TIDE!


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun May 26 13:03:38 2019
Good morning beta!

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun May 26 01:31:15 2019
Boy, not the most relaxing day when you are at a day-long strategic planning retreat.

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Sat May 25 14:15:07 2019
Today Saturday, May 25th 2019 C.E.

We have FOUR (4) Birthdays!


Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Genesis, kawaii_marc, Phred, TabbyKat

Mal: He calls back, you keep them occupied. Wash: What do I do, shadow puppets?
'The Message''

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat May 25 01:19:06 2019
Good evening beta! the The start of
a great three-day weekend!

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wolfguard says:
(Fri May 24 14:45:28 2019


During BTVS and ATS' runs we would use spoiler font1 for one week
following a new episode's airing. I was defaulting to this tradition for GoT
which aired last Sunday.


^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Fri May 24 12:30:37 2019
Belated Happy Birthday Closet
and 4paws!

Belated Yay! Catriona, little
and DarkLady!

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Fri May 24 12:11:02 2019
Today Friday, May 24th 2019 C.E.

We have SEVEN (7) Birthdays!

Satine the Shadowdancer

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Fnerk, HellaC, Marissa, Satine the Shadowdancer

I'm eleven hundred and twenty years old! Just gimme a friggin' beer! Anya, 'Doppelgangland''

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Trivia Girl says:
(Fri May 24 11:49:18 2019
yay darklady!

Happy Belated CD Thursday!

Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Sunnydale's Trivial PUrsuit

Category: Slogans
Question: What president had the campaign slogan 'Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream'
Answer: Lincoln

Trivia MAster: notsoShyGirl!

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Dogmeat says:
(Fri May 24 08:48:29 2019
Do we need spoiler font for Game of
Thrones still?

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 24 07:27:04 2019
White Wings,

Your topic is so rich and with so many paths that it's hard knowing where to
begin. So I'll default to the beginning. *g*

Anthropology distinguishes between pristine and secondary states. Pristine
states were the first states or polities. They originated apart from any
previous state. The were the originals. Secondary states originated in the
shadow or with the memory of earlier states.

One of the first big debates about the origins of pristine states was
whether they were caused by the need to organize to build something big or
to defend or attack a threat (the threat might be an external or internal

Current theories tend to blend cooperation and conflict. Essentially,
populations reach a certain size and complexity where people develop
specialized organizations to solve or manage a range of social problems.
Some roles provide opportunities for holders to accumulate or exercise
"power". Some conditions lead to such roles becoming inherited across
generations. A combination of habit and persuasion and "it seemed reasonable
at the time" lead to someones(s) being seen as legitimate rulers and
leaders. It wasn't always or everywhere written in stone that such rulers
had absolute power.

The common folk did not always 'bend the knee'. Pushed hard enough, by ruler
or nature, they'd rebel. If possible they simply lit out for other places.
And if the common folk were satisfied enough, there were usually some other
well-to-do family imagining, If him, why not me? The result was rulers were
usually wheeling and dealing with people and forces that could help, hinder,
or destroy them. "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."1

One upshot was that successful rulers treated well those who were seen as
needed to keep the realm a going concern. This often meant most every group.
2 And as societies became more complex, the more rulers had to
bend an ear to this or that group until most every damn group had the
franchise - and the opportunity to lead.

Totalitarian States

Just working off your list here...

(1) Kingdoms - too general a word to say kingdoms are totalitarian.

(3) Fascism - Society comes before the individual and the State runs
Society, therefore the individual bends the knee to the state. The Fascist
state always (?) has a strong blood-race-ethnic vein running through it.

(2) Communist and Caliphates - They hate each other, because the first is
atheist and the second is Allah. That said, they both believed they were
"The Truth" and that political matters should be guided in the light of "The
Truth", whether it be the Koran or Marxism-Leninism.3

Political Matters

Are about solving or managing public problems. What constitutes 'public'
depends on such things as time, place, custom, history, etc. "Political
Structures" may be about how power is guided and managed, but the 'how' is
shaped by other social factors.


I do not perceive power as "something" with substance, rather it's a
conceptual tool. Power is the ability to change the outcome of some given
situation. The refs at the Kentucky Derby could change the outcome of which
horse and rider won, because that was their role, there were rules, and
possibly the video which let them view the event in leisure. These were the
sources of their power to overrule the original winner.

Power is always relative to the context of the situation.

Power is exercised through manipulating available resources to achieve a
particular end.

1 Cersei said and lived this line. What I remember of her bio was
she had no desire to be Queen of Westeros, but was forced by her father to
marry Robert Baratheon. Cersei desire was to live at Casterly Rock with
Jamie, her brother. As Queen, she saw threats of death everywhere. It was
Cersei who said, "In the Game of Thrones you win or you die."

2 Follows a paraphrase of what one ruler told his son ...

To hold a kingdom, you need an army. To have an army, you need food. To have
food, you need farmers. To have farmers, you need justice. Therefore choose

3 Leaders of such states do not always make decisions based on
considerations of power, because the thinking behind such decisions is
shaped by their "Truths". One possible reason Stalin did not push into the
West immediately after WWI was because his understanding of Marxism-Leninism
said it wasn't necessary. The rotten West would crumble on its own.

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white wings says:
(Fri May 24 03:58:39 2019
Yay DarkLady!

Happy Birthday 4paws, Adorable Hellspawn, Closet Buffyholic, Jeanie the Tortoise Fly, Mar, minimike, and willowkitten!

wolfguard - I didn't think I gave you that much food for thought. *g* But it puts posts on the board, so a good thing. However, I've had a very, very long day and I fear I'll have to deal tomorrow.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 24 03:06:56 2019
White Wings,

Still pondering, but will reply later tonight.


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Fri May 24 02:18:16 2019
Meetings and other goings on

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 24 00:58:43 2019
Agent Cooper,

I believe your memory of the lines between Xander and Andrew are more accurate
than mine.

More on GoT later. *g*


^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Thu May 23 19:41:28 2019
GOT: Why do you think they butchered the story at that point?

The more I ponder it, the more I think I like the way the show ended. The basis for this is that as much as we care about the characters, ultimately the story is about Westeros. The world is bigger than the individual players. They will come and go but the world is always there.

In that context, the ending makes alot of sense and is actually pretty satisfying.

BUFFY: Actually, at the end of Chosen the exchange between Xander and Andrew is more like:

Xander: Anya?

Andrew: She died, saving my life.

Xander: That's my girl. Always doing the stupid thing. (paraphrased(?)

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu May 23 18:49:01 2019
Greetings Dogmeat :)

White Wings,

So much material to ponder! Reply tonight. Oh, who are we kidding? Replies
tonight. *g*

Christopher Marlowe & Comma,

All this talk about 'strategic planning'. Der mentsh trakht un got lakht.


Your additional to Gwen's powers reminded me of "ball lightning" which
reminded me of the Marfa Lights which haunt the desert outside Marfa, Texas.
So now we know where Gwen is. *g*

Agent Cooper,

Spoiler on The Game of Thrones, "The Iron Throne"

((One of the problems facing a serial story teller is placing in
the beginning, middle, and end. Almost always an individual episode problem
doesn't threaten the existence or integrity of the protagonist - Holmes is
going to catch the criminal, Buffy is going to stop Reptile Boy. But all
good things come to an end and that's a reason series finales have potential
to raise or lower a bit a series' reputation.

BTVS took a year to tell the final story that close the series. The season
premiere opens with the young woman being chased and killed in Istanbul and
ends with someone/thing talking to Spike as it morphs through all the
series' big bad's to end with Buffy, ~It's not about good. It's not about
bad. It's about power" (at the time we weren't told we were seeing "The
First", though some fans might have suspected it). The next few episodes
followed pulled together some loose ends from the previous season and had
the traditional comedic episode, Him, before introducing the season's
big bad in Conversations with Dead People. Follows a four episode arc
developing the sitch - Sleeper to Showtime and closed with the
five episode arc, Dirty Girls to Chosen.

GoT tried to do that in six episodes. The focus was Daenerys and Jon, but
who was the protagonist and who was the antagonist?

Basic Story Conflicts

Person vs Person
Person vs Nature
Person vs Self

So ...

Dany and Jon/Starks vs Cersei?
Dany vs Jon
Dany vs Sansa
Dany vs Self

Leading up the episode 5, "The Bells" - the episode in which Dany destroyed
Kings Landing, I was thinking or hoping Dany vs Self. Perhaps she would
attack Kings Landing and suffer some sort of setback leading her to reflect
on herself and perhaps turn to Sansa for help and council. Hindsight - with
two episodes, not a lot of time and not as dramatically stark (no pun) as
Dany goes Dark. Still, I hoped.

As it was, "The Bells" put forward a visual and emotional extravaganza
leading to Jon's "dark night of the soul" in the early part of the finale -
What am I to do? Ayra tells him what Daenerys is - a killer (and Ayra could
speak from experiencing both ends of violence giving her credibility) and
Tyrion telling Jon the choices before him.

(to Jon in a tone of intimacy and joy)
~ (Someone-Brother?) Told me the Iron Throne was made of thousands of
swords, but what does that mean to a child who could only count to 20?

a minute later...

(to Jon)
They (the common folk) don't get to choose (Dany's will decide what's right
and wrong)

Jon makes his choice

~You are my queen
(stabs her)

And with that, the writers butchered the story, they did. *g*

Anyway, as you noted, the rest it tying up the loose ends.

Sunnydale collapses on itself.

Who did this?

Spike (her last line)

And talk about sinfully quick resolutions to squeeze it the scene ...

(to Andrew)

~She died a hero. Saving my life

~Silly girl
(Let's hurry and join the others at the edge!)

That aside, the scoobies final lines beside the edge close the series and
set up a possible sequel we never saw on screen, but got told in the comics.

If only GoT ....



^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu May 23 14:17:48 2019
wolfguard Sorry to make a straight reply to a joke ( which I didn't get) but the "World Beyond the Wall" stories are set, well not exactly this but the closest parallel is a Ringworld

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Thu May 23 13:31:40 2019
Trivia Girl: JFK! Heh. Little dark humor there.

Serious Answer: Abarham Linclon - Vampire Hunter.

Chris Marlowe: What are you strategically planning? Are you at liberty to say?

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Thu May 23 13:23:28 2019
Trivia Girl
Abraham Lincoln

^ v
YayOfTheDay says:
(Thu May 23 13:01:01 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for darklady!

yay darklady!

Happy CD Thursday!

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Trivia Girl says:
(Thu May 23 12:15:55 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial PUrsuit

Category: Slogans
Question: What president had the campaign slogan 'Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream'

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Thu May 23 12:09:58 2019
Today Thursday, May 23rd 2019 C.E.

We have SEVENn (7) Birthdays!

Adorable Hellspawn
Closet Buffyholic
Jeanie the Tortoise Fly

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to 4paws, Adorable Hellspawn, Closet Buffyholic
Jeanie the Tortoise Fly, Mar, minimike, willowkitten

I'm just waiting to see if I pass out. Long story. Mal, 'Heart Of Gol''

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CrhistopherMarlowe says:
(Thu May 23 11:46:55 2019
Comma Yeah? hopefully the plan will come together for us!

^ v
Comma says:
(Thu May 23 06:12:46 2019
ChristopherMarlowe: I would bet that my strategic planning is way different that your strategic planning.


^ v
white wings says:
(Thu May 23 06:02:18 2019
Happy Birthday ashes, Buffyholic21, jade, Keem, DellRaven, MonsterBasher, and Sanguineus!

wolfguard - These things take time.

From last night: Political economy, pffft! GoT is about people and politics. Your totalitarian structures communists, fascists, kingdoms and caliphates - they aren't about economics, they aren't about the ruled, they aren't about religion. They are about Power. Have you forgotten your Buffy? Those who got it have the wealth. Those who don't got it also don't got any wealth. They are lucky to survive, and their survival really means very little to those who got it. Ultimately all of those political structures differ only in the way power is delegated and transferred. All of them feel justified in silencing opposition. There's no choosing, no thinking. There's only puppet-like obedience. And death. Lots and lots of death. Kings had to handle things a little differently after some events like the Magna Carta, but a lot of people have been killed by kings along the way, if only because they've been around longer. The others are just more modern replacements after one bunch of have-nots decided to replace the haves.

I read some more of the backstory. Dany started out with leanings to other things than setting up a totalitarian regime. She'd been mistreated, and she wanted to help others the way she had not been helped. But it was more like Buffy's imitation of Ghandi than Ghandi. *g* She'd been perfectly willing to kill all along, while mouthing high sounding sentiments. Granted in that world, personal survival was very closely tied to having enough power to kill others before they could kill you.

GoT( The shortened season undoubtedly cramped the writers' style. What if they decided they couldn't end the story with an absolute ruler, that it would make a bad political statement? Instead they left a batch of warlords who would be squabbling within a generation, but temporarily there would be a truce. Or maybe they wanted to see if they could rip out people's still-beating hearts and stomp on them? Perhaps they got a taste for power themselves? )

Christopher Marlowe - It looks like your rain and snow went away. This weekend we may all go from the shower into the dry sauna.

Yes, it was a nice bookending that we ended with the same four that we started out with in BtVS. And Dawn. *g*

Dogmeat - Good to see you!

^ v
Dogmeat says:
(Thu May 23 04:42:42 2019
Edited: Thu May 23 04:43:51 2019
Happy World Goth Day, everyone!

Hi ya ChristopherMarlowe back atcha :)

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Thu May 23 03:11:49 2019
Dogmeat Hi!

Agent Cooper Just some
strategic planning, doesn't that
sound fun? *g*

^ v
Dogmeat says:
(Thu May 23 03:07:25 2019

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Thu May 23 00:59:41 2019
Chris Marlowe! Hi. :-)

Any plans for the holiday weekend?

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Trivia Girl says:
(Wed May 22 23:58:20 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Angel
Question: What power did the
character of Gwen have?
Answer: ability manipulate

Trivia Masters: notsoShyGirl,
DaddyCatALSO, wolfguard!

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 22 22:27:56 2019
So bored i am posting from work.

Hi agent Cooper!

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Wed May 22 20:37:17 2019
GOT Ending: I was thought I was going to write a long post(s) about this, but honestly I'm still kind of processing.

I think it was good though. I don't think they bungled it or anything. I do think a curve ball was thrown here and there, and it wasn't what I expected.

SPOILERY THOUGHTS: Short and sweet, the part that really threw me about the ep was that the real denouement happened in the first 15 minutes. After that it was all just tying up the loose ends somewhat and closing the story down. So there was a kind of a mild let down for me, but only because I was expecting a lot more action before the end was resolved. But in hindsight, that was okay. End Spoilery Thoughts

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 22 18:37:11 2019

So now we know where Gwen is. She's living outside Marfa, Texas. *g*

White Wings,

Game of Thrones still haunting me. *g* A friend sent me another
review. I replied with the following analysis which is where I stand now -
this moment. *g*

The Game of Thrones, "The Iron Throne" (series finale)

((Vince Gilligan created "Breaking Bad". The idea came from asking
what happens to a good person who feels driven into crime? Gilligan's
answer, "Mr. Chips becomes Scarface". And that's what viewers saw.

Martin said the original impetus to "Songs of Fire and Ice" were the
characters finding the dire wolf pups. He wrote this first and then began
developing the first novel. Martin said he used English medieval history as
a source, especially "The War of the Roses" (Yorks vs Lancasters - Starks vs
Lannisters). What's Martin's take on power in the medieval world? Does it
translate to the modern world? What were Benisoff and Weiss' take?

Having so many main characters creates complexity which can both hinder and
help writer and reader. But, let's take Daenerys. She certainly did not want
to be an orphan, exiled royal. She did not want to be sold into marriage to
further her brother's quest. What's she doing to do? What drives her? She
weakly protested her forced marriage and submitted to it. Soon though she
learned from her handmaiden how to influence men and began building a place
for herself in Dothraki society, but she has a greater goal. She has a
speech where she lists the wrongs done to her and how she survived through
faith - faith in herself and her destiny. She's going to take the Iron

How's she going to do it? What does her quest say about Benisoff-Weiss and
Martin's views on power and society? After rising from the funeral pyre, she
never, ever turned the other cheek. She told foes she'd kill them and she
did. That said, she freed the Unsullied and let them choose their destiny
without coercing that choice. She broke the chains of the slaves of Mereen.
She was called 'Mother".

Tyrion told Jon, ~She killed bad people and we cheered her~. So did her
fans. A good, powerful woman. We embrace her.

This is the tale they told for seven seasons. In truncated final season
Benisoff and Weiss rush out how she changed to a tyrant. One can make the
intellectual case in shorthand. One can point to history. Benisoff and Weiss
can say, "Be careful the leaders you treasure, for they may not be what they
appear (or hide secrets, or succumb to power, etc). All this is true, but
feeling overrules reasoning. The writers did not devote the time to building
this ending. One can wonder why.

Additional GoT

((If I had run alongside Ayra as Daenerys destroyed King's Landing,
then I would have agreed with Ayra's later words to Jon, ~She's a killer. I
know what killers look like~


^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Wed May 22 18:21:50 2019|
wolfguard In my moribund ficverse "The World Beyond the Wall" I expand Gwen's powers so she can throw electrical blasts. She uses that to fry a bunch of "twilight serpents" sent by the slave catchers to incapacitate the colony so they can recapture the fugitives who have taken refuge there. It helps give Willow a chance to banish them.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 22 15:03:01 2019
Trivia Girl,

Gwen's power was literally shocking. *g*


^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Wed May 22 14:14:27 2019|
Trivia Girl Gwen generates a constant electrical force which she can use for many purposes

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Wed May 22 13:12:04 2019
Trivia Girl
She could manipulate electricity

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Wed May 22 12:03:55 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Angel
Question: What power did the
character of Gwen have?

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Wed May 22 11:50:47 2019
Today Wednesday, May 22nd 2019 C.E.

We have EIGHT (8) Birthdays!

Cordelia Chase - the character

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to ashes, Buffyholic21, Cordelia Chase - the character, jade, Keem, DellRaven, MonsterBasher, Sanguineus

Tara: 'Your One-Stop Spot to Shop for Lots of New-Age and Occult Items.' Catchy. Giles: Think so? Tara: Uh huh. In a... hard to say sorta way. 'Shadow''

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 22 11:45:16 2019
yay little wiggins!

At the moment, the series ending of the Buffy was the best ever! Too many shows biff that, including Angel.

Happy Non-Buffy Tuesday!

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wolfguard says:
(Wed May 22 07:36:39 2019
White Wings,

Game of Thrones doesn't explore political economy. *g* A few links.
The first three of scenes that capture the Daenerys that captured many fans'

You speak Valyrian?!


Daenerys and Tyrions First Meeting;_ylt=AwrDQ2oI8uRcZUoALyn7w8QF;_y

This last link expresses the reasoning and feeling of those who believe
GoT's producers probably need to stay low for awhile. Out of shame. *g*

Eliana Docktermans Argument


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 22 06:38:33 2019
Edited: Wed May 22 06:46:43 2019
White Wings,

Ayra wanted to be warrior. In first season she was around 11 or 12 and was
already a competent archer. Before leaving for the Night Watch Jon, her
half-brother, gave her a gift of custom sword scaled for her size. She named
it "Needle". Ned Stark, her father, arranged for her to be taught the "Water
Dance" style of sword-fighting by Syrio Forel. He also taught her about the
one god ...

Ayra witnessed her father's betrayal and execution. One of her father's
friends disguised her as a boy and put her with a group of boys and young
men heading north (towards her home, Winterfell). It took the next six
seasons for Ayra to get home. During this time she picked-up some advanced
tips on archery from the Men Without Banners, experienced violence and
fighting alongside "The Hound", trained to become a "faceless man" (cult of
assassins), and sparred with Brienne of Tarth...

She fought at Winterfell against the assault of the Night King's Army and
experienced the helplessness of being on the receiving end of Daenerys'
razing of King's Landing. It was probably she and Tyrion who finally
convinced Jon to do the right thing. *g*


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 22 05:59:25 2019
Christopher Marlowe,

I can recall two things Martin has said about his writing and the series...

(1) Once the series caught up with the last completed novel and moved ahead,
it became its own verse (my word). Benioff and Weiss, the executive
producers, have said they discussed with Martin his vision of how the story
would go, but I don't believed they were chained to this vision.

(2) Some fans have a belief that Martin has finished all the novels, but has
been holding off releasing the last ones to see how people reacted to the
last few seasons of GoT. Martin thought this was ludicrous, because both he
and the publishers made millions on each new book. ~ No way we would delay
releasing a finished novel.

Martin also had some choice curse words for those fans demanding he write
more quickly, because they were afraid at his present rate he would die
before finishing the series.


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 22 04:27:35 2019
wolfguard I have heard similar criticism from others. Given Martin hasn't finished the series, I wonder how much the series helped/hindered his writing process.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 22 03:41:08 2019

White Wings,

Read. Will reply a couple hours. *g*

Christopher Marlowe,

I tried the first novel. Each chapter is written from the POV of one
character. You experience what they experience in that chapter. Some
characters have few chapters, some many chapters across the series. I found it
difficult to read the chapters whose POV characters didn't move me.


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 22 03:35:23 2019
white wings I'm seriously wondering if we'll get any summer at all!

^ v
white wings says:
(Wed May 22 02:38:53 2019
Yay little wiggins!

Happy Birthday Extra Flamey and Wanda Zavala!

Christopher Marlowe - Still raining? *checks* OMG! If the rain don't get you, the snow will, and maybe both will. But be of good cheer. Last month was the third warmest April ever, and I'm sure that this month will turn out to be the warmest May ever. *eg*

wolfguard - GoT ( Ah, liberating in the sense of a Communist revolution, or a few other liberations that one could think of?

I can't remember if you followed Lord of the Rings, but there's the scene where Frodo offers Galadriel the One Ring: "In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!
I pass the test, she said. I will diminish, and go into the West and remain Galadriel.

Dany went the other way. But that is often the way of those who seek to be at the top of totalitarian rule, and it's not as though she knew anything else. There don't seem to have been many examples.

I don't think that the BtVS writers were claiming that the books changed attitudes, but that having demonstrated Willow's essential weakness to the temptation, whether her grief over Tara would push her to the extreme. They (or Joss) did say that was why Tara had to die that no other blow would do it.

Arya sounded like she just wanted to be away from the known world of carnage. I gather that she was trained to be a killer (Slayer?).

^ v
ChristopherMrarlowe says:
(Wed May 22 02:18:24 2019
wolfguard Have you taken up the GoT books?

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Wed May 22 01:06:26 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: In which episode did the
'First Slayer' appears?
Answer: Restless

Trivia Masters: wolfguard!! NosoShyGirl!

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 22 00:48:17 2019
Rain rain, go away, come again another day.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue May 21 18:01:20 2019
Trivia Girl,





^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Tue May 21 14:18:39 2019
Trivia Girl

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Tue May 21 12:09:37 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: In which episode did the
'First Slayer' appear?

^ v
YayOfTheDay says:
(Tue May 21 11:53:13 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for little wiggins

yay little wiggins!

today's deadguy memorial buffy tuesday question is brought to you by:

happy endings, inc. - family planning, not massage parlors

how does btvs rate in terms of series endings - among the best, worst, or in between?

Happy Non-Buffy Tuesday!

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Tue May 21 11:45:18 2019
Today Tuesday, May 21st 2019 C.E.

We have TWO (2) Birthdays!

Extra Flamey
Wanda Zavala

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Extra Flamey, Wanda Zavala

I'm sorry. You were going to ask me to choose, right? Did you want to finish?
Zoe, 'War Stories'''

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wolfguard says:
(Tue May 21 06:12:01 2019
Trivia Girl,

Multitudes of fans were unhappy with season 8 (six episodes). After episode
5 a petition went around demanding season 8 be redone using "competent"
writers. *g*

White Wings,

Spoiler on Game of Thrones, "The Iron Throne"

((Daenerys did not get the reception she expected and believed she
deserved when she arrived in Westeros. She did set aside her attack on Kings
Landing to help the North fight the Night King and his army of ~zombies~.
Afterwards she said, ~ The Great War has been won (against Night King) and
now we must fight the last war.~ She did lose her two closest advisers, one
to Cersei's and one to the Night King. She felt Jon had betrayed her by
telling his sisters he was actually the son of a Targaryen (and therefore
had the better claim on the Throne). Varys betrayed her by putting out the
word of Jon's real bloodline (Varys' loyalty was to the realm and the common
folk. He had long believed Daenerys would be a great ruler, but her recent
actions lead him to question this belief. She had him executed.

What happened that lead to Dany's demise and many fans anger ...

(1) After King's Landing surrendered, by ringing the bells, Dany chose to
continue her attack destroying the city and killing tens of thousands of
innocent civilians - women, children burnt to a crisp.

(2) After the destruction, Daenerys spoke before her army. This is only the
beginning. We must go forth and liberate all of Westeros - north to south,
east to west. Every city, every kingdom (One kingdom was certainly to be
Winterfell, home of the Starks and ~capital of the North. Here Sansa ruled.

(The visuals were slate grey, white ashes, black leather, Hitler speaking
before his legions - There was one very fine visual. As Daenerys was going
forward to the top of the grand plaza stairs dragon wings unfolded from her
sides ... her dragon behind her.)

Jumping to BTVS...

Willow swore off magick following the events in Wrecked. She stayed
'sober' until Tara died in her arms. Her grief and anger lead her to soak up
the magick in the books in the magick box. The question is whether or not
the writers had established that some of absorption would change a person's
attitudes and inclinations.

And back to GoT ...

When Arya was in Brassos there was a woman who cared for after she was
injured. She once asked a woman, ~Essos is to the east and Westeros is to
the west. What lies beyond Westeros? The woman answered, ~ the edge of the
world? Ayra replied, ~ I liked to see.


^ v
white wings says:
(Tue May 21 03:27:28 2019
Christopher Marlowe - Jeepers!

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue May 21 03:22:05 2019
white wings Yep! VERY wet snow!

^ v
white wings says:
(Tue May 21 03:16:14 2019
Christopher Marlowe - Are you still getting snowflakes? The whole area in between the two of us seems to be getting rain and tornadoes. Do you think that the weather people are secretly breathing a sigh of relief, not at suffering or destruction, but because after declaring a high chance of such disaster schools in OK closed, and air force base was evacuated, and heaven knows what else battened down?

wolfguard - GoT (Noted that Dany had been willing to use force as needed. She was playing a high stakes game, anyway.

To the outsider reading synopses, it seemed that she lost one dragon (that was zombified?), then another, and then a BFF, and the end result was that she snapped and was willing to fry the perpetrator who killed the BFF, and then anyone else around, and was still of the same mind later. That's a three episode buildup from "Love and freedom" to "Kill them All". She did seem to be doing a Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland) on anyone who crossed her, but I didn't see those stories, and in that world it may be that anyone who crosses you is preparing to try to kill you. Anyway, there was a buildup. The question is whether it seemed to work for her.

The descent to *spit* Spuffy had a slow buildup. Well, the peroxide pest's revelation that he was "in love" in S5 seemed rather sudden, but he was a device to be twisted around anyway. The plot for the unfortunate other seemed relatively careful, just not for Buffy. It was like watching The Freshman, it seemed like some other person. She came back wrong. Pffft.

A better analogy might be Willow's S6 arc, which went from being weak willed but sane to total "I hate you all, die!" in one episode. ob:Buffy noted and returned.

Yep, it sounds like a constitutional convention, but with a lot less political machinations. In the end they kicked the can down the road. *g*


^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Tue May 21 01:52:35 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Etymology
Question: What does a myrmecologist study?
Answer: Ants

Trivia master: notsoShyGirl
Trivia great idea: white wings

^ v
Comma says:
(Tue May 21 01:14:51 2019
GoT: Without spilling anything: 'The end of GoT was just like real life, 'We always hope, pray, and cry for one outcome, when we seem to always get another'. While not all alternate outcomes are bad, the real world has the final say. It is what it is, suck it up, and always move forward!


^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Tue May 21 00:51:38 2019
yay catriona!

Goodbye Blue Monday!

wolfguard I didn't read the spoiler font, but I take some GoT fans weren't quite happy last night.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue May 21 00:48:11 2019
Edited: Tue May 21 00:49:07 2019
White Wings,

Spoiler on The Game of Thrones, "The Iron Throne" (series finale)

((Daenerys had never shied away from killing people who she
believed needed killing. She wanted to do good, "break the wheel", but she
also had no doubt the Iron Throne was hers and her destiny was to sit on it
and rule.

The political themes expressed through Dany's rise and use of power were
classic ones. In Essos she had been loved by the common folk of the city-
states she freed/conquered (Some called her "Mysha" - Mother). In Westeros,
no love. As Dany said to Jon, ~ Well then (if not love) then let it be fear.
1 And if creating the new future means some innocents have to
die, well that's Cersei's fault for putting them between us. There's a new
world to be build, sacrifices have to be made.

What I believe angered many fans is cherished the Dany of Essos and believed
her change in Westeros was either not convincingly told or simply wasn't
what they wanted. No, No, No (I suspect fans of B/A'er felt similarly about
Buffy's descent into Spuffy).

Drogon, her favorite and only surviving dragon, winged off with Dany's body
east. A few seasons ago, Jon was killed by multiple stabs. The Red Priest
resurrected him. Dany took one stab to the torso. I imagine some in Essos
might be able to resurrect her. *g*

A few weeks after Jon killed Daenerys, the various House Heads of the Seven
Kingdoms met in King's Landing to discuss what next. Sam Tarly suggested
everyone should choose the new king. The House Heads found that amusing (We
should let my horse vote!). Tyrion asked where does power come from?
Military might? Gold? He concluded it lie with the person who kept the
story(ies) (~cultural memory) of the kingdoms and he proposed Bran be king
and since Bran could not had children that when died or stepped down, then
the House Heads would gather together and choose the next king. Everyone
agreed but Sansa. Sansa told Bran, I love you but the West needs to be free.
Bran agreed and became King Bran the Broken, First of His Name, King of the
Six Kingdoms (Sansa is now the Queen in the North).

Tyrion was "punished" by being named Hand. Grey Worm, commander of the
Unsullied and loyal to Daenerys to the end, demanded Jon face justice. Jon
was banished back to the Night Watch where he was last seen walking with the
Free People as they returned home to the north country.

Ayra in next post. *g*

1[/up] Machiavelli advised the Prince it was better to be feared than


^ v
white wings says:
(Mon May 20 21:49:36 2019
Yay Catriona!

Happy Birthday Jasmen, QTWillow, Vaal, and Velvet Slayer!

Trivia Girl - I'm sure that notsoShyGirl is correct, but I rather like the idea of Myrmidons. It would be a more Homeric field of study.

lostinamerica - Apparently it's only the truth for those of us outside the fandom. Apparently there are roiling emotions compounded by general end-of-series grief. I remember the ends of BtVS and AtS, and I do not mock, only observe.

wolfguard - I'm sorry for your loss.

GoT (
I'm glad that your favorite Arya survived. On another board someone said "she sailed off to the Uttermost West" , which of course was how Tolkien dealt with his favored elves and Ringbearers.

Just from looking at synopses of recent seasons, Daenery's descent to madness seemed positively Jossian, except that Joss saved Willow. Still, I gather that she was only stabbed in the heart and the dragon carried her off. I'm sure she could be brought back to life for a sequel if absolutely economically viable.

I was wrong, the dragon didn't assume the throne, he destroyed it. It was a very ugly, uncomfortable-looking piece of furniture anyway.

So the people who were left descended into a relatively magic free constitutional convention, and the dire-puppy got petted (or was that just fan speculation?) and it's all rather pedestrian from there.


^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Mon May 20 15:21:36 2019
Trivia Girl

^ v
YayOfTheDay says:
(Mon May 20 12:48:42 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for catriona!

yay catriona!

Goodbye Blue Monday!

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Mon May 20 12:39:35 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Etymology
Question: What does a myrmecologist study?

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Mon May 20 12:26:04 2019
Today Monday, May 20th 2019 C.E.

We have FIVE (5) Birthdays!

Dean Butler as Hank Summers
Velvet Slayer

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Alex, chemistrygirl, Kalila, Kenickie
Lan, NTV Alex, VeeJay, weezergeekn

Sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed. Kaylee, 'Out Of Gas'''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Mon May 20 11:42:01 2019
white wings--LOL, ain't that
the truth :)

I'll have to get back to reading the
books, I think I stopped at the
second. Really enjoyed them,

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Mon May 20 05:36:44 2019
White Wings,

No it's not ...

Spoiler The Game of Thrones, "The Iron Throne", series finale

((Ayra Survived!!! So relieved. *g* Sansa is Queen of the North.

Still, it hurts to see how Daenerys' character evolved in the end. I wanted
to see her build a better world. I wanted it, but to be fair - and fairness
is my watchword *g* - in seeking the Iron Throne she was playing with fire.

Not a single season went by without her warning some foe or promising some
ally that fire and blood was in the offing. In Essos, her actions freed
people. In Westeros, essentially she was just newest wannabe claimant to the
Iron Throne.

Another season, or more episodes in this and the last season, and one might
have convinced her legions she was heading towards the darth side. Or
perhaps she would have learned other ways had to be used to win over the
people of Westeros. Or perhaps she might have come to realize there was
more to being Daenerys Stormborn, Break of Chains, Mother of Dragons than
sitting on the Iron Throne (she could have sailed west with Ayra!).

(I sense a lot of fanfic will be starting tomorrow as fans reclaim their

- I greatly appreciate that last scene of the small Council - Tyrion,
Sam, Davos, Brienne, Bron ... And Pod lives!

- And thanks to the New Gods and the Old for watching over Ayra these ten
odd years. What do we say to Death? Not today.

But as one fan tweeted ...


I feel it, but also know in the real world we often blind ourselves to folks
that were we to step back and watch and ponder ...

Still hurts. :(


^ v
white wings says:
(Mon May 20 04:25:12 2019
Belated Happy Birthday Amy, carlycat, Darkwind, Devastating Charm, Janni, Lord Chaos, and tatybogle!

Happy Birthday buffy_girl85, Cailet, and wanttoknow!!

All's quiet on the non-Westeros front. *g*

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon May 20 00:54:12 2019
Good evening beta!

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Sun May 19 16:05:41 2019
This Weekend is Saturday/Sunday May 818/19th 2019 C.E.

We had ELEVEN (11) Birthdays!

Devastating Charm
Lord Chaos
Sophia Crawford - Sarah's stunt double S2-4

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Amy, carlycat, Darkwind, Devastating Charm
Janni, Lord Chaos, tatybogle, buffy_girl85, Cailet, Sophia Crawford - Sarah's stunt double S2-4, wanttoknown

Nice acronym, Mom! Buffy, 'Gingerbread''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sun May 19 15:47:02 2019
Good morning beta!

^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Sun May 19 12:04:49 2019
wolfguard--Yes, Faith used a crossbow to go after Angelus in ATS.
I can't remember when exactly she did in BTS, I would have to look back.

Comma--Awww, no more Grumpy Cat :(

Maverick--I couldn't remember #10 and #13 and had no idea about #16, never
heard that :(

Agent Cooper--I watched the finale, it was very sweet. And Sarah looks
great :)

cc DaddyCatALSO, wolfguard

Belated Yay! Nails, ShadowQuest and Genevieve's Lucie!

^ v
white wings says:
(Sun May 19 04:21:10 2019
Christopher Marlowe - Did you put your feet up, or did you have to work (volunteer) through the rain?

It rained here as well. Our severe weather amounted to some thunder and wind and a little rain. A quick check on the weather site tells a very different story for others. In fact I have some remote co-workers to check up on now, or at least when they get to email.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat May 18 23:20:10 2019
wolfguard Thank you for that link, I will check it out later tonight. How was your day? Mine was quite and rainy.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat May 18 17:29:27 2019
Edited: Sat May 18 17:36:52 2019
Good Morning Beta

Christopher Marlowe,

I rarely watch any one course straight through, first to last lecture. I
usually dip in a course and watch the lectures I need or catch my attention.
That said ...

"Thermodynamics" - Jeffrey Grossman
Mind-Body Philosophy" - Patrick Grimm
"Western Civilization II" - Robert Bucholz1
"Understanding the Brain" - Jeanette Norden
"Self-Defense Strategies" - Tammy Yard-McCracken2
"The Theory of Everything" (science) - Don Lincoln
"Everyday Engineering" and "Great Structures of the World" - Stephen Ressler
"Ancient Mesoamerica" and "Ancient Civilizations of North America" -

1 My favorite lecturer to date. Unfortunately he does not teach
West Civ I. OTOH, he also teaches a Great Course on English History (Tudors
and Stuarts) which I enjoyed.

2 Superb course. Very basic physical techniques - as it should be
- but comprehensive and sophisticated on the psychology and social
psychology of violence. Anyone that uses Maslow's Hierarchy to help explain
how violence works is teaching you more useful information than someone
teaching techniques against a menu of attacks.

ETA Follows a youttube clip of Bucholz greeting new students on first day of
class. What is History? ~ The Greatest Soap Opera ~


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat May 18 15:18:20 2019
Good morning beta!

^ v
Comma says:
(Sat May 18 06:45:15 2019
R.I.P. Grumpy Cat. A urinary infection ended his short seven year life.


^ v
Maverick says:
(Sat May 18 06:03:26 2019
Edited: Sat May 18 06:29:13 2019
Answers to Oldster Quiz:
1. A silver bullet.
2. Ed Sullivan.
3. on Route 66. (This was from a Bobby Troupe [he was married to Julie London {her famous song was "Cry Me a River"}] song and had nothing to do with the TV Series "Route 66" whose instrumental theme song was written by Nelson Riddle.)
4. protect the innocent (this was a line from the TV Series "Dragnet.")
5. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (a Song by The Tokens) Some of the lyrics "a weema-witta weema witta, weema witta, weema witta, weema witta, weema witta, (etc. and) eeeee-ee ee ee ee, humm-humm-a-way." I understand this song was used in the movie "The Lion King."
6. the Limbo (sung by Chubby Checker.)
7. Chocolate (but pronounced Chock-lit)
8. Louis Armstrong.
9. Timex watches (from the NBC News commercials with John Cameron Swayze.)
10. Freddie the Freeloader, God Bless.
11. draft cards.
12. Bug, Beetle.
13. Buddy Holly. (played by, of all people, Gary Busey, in "The Buddy Holly Story")
14. Sputnik.
15. Hula Hoops.
16. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco. (this was part of a commercial for Lucky Strike cigarettes featured on "Your Hit Parade.")
17. Howdy Doody Time.
18. Shadow.
19. Monster Mash (a song by Bobby Pickett.)
20. Speedy (Alka Seltzer.)



^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat May 18 02:22:07 2019
wolfguard What has been your favorite Great Course so far?

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Sat May 18 02:13:25 2019
yay nails!

Happy Thank Joss It's Friday!

^ v
white wings says:
(Sat May 18 01:02:59 2019
Yay nails!

Happy Birthday Watcher X and Yefa!

wolfguard - I believe you about the dragons. There probably aren't that many actively employed by Hollywood at any one time. I don't remember the details of the AtS dragon and I've not seen Viserion, but I imagine they both have four legs, scales, and breathe fire. A bit of makeup here and there would cover any differences. *g*

wolfguard, Agent Cooper - I didn't mind the St. Elsewhere or Newhart endings. The shows were over, and those endings sort of jarred one into separating from them. But I wasn't heavily invested in those shows.

Rayne - Have a fun trip. You may be arriving in time for some interesting weather. Take an umbrella.

Agent Cooper - The east coast has some things to recommend it. I think I remember some. But there are also considerations of family and graduations and such like stuff. *g*

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Sat May 18 00:50:44 2019

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Fri May 17 19:21:27 2019
Oh, guess what? I just read a synapses of the Big Bang Finale and guess who's got a cameo? Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Heh. Weird karma.

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Fri May 17 18:39:01 2019
Rayne: Don't you mean West coast? I mean, who comes over here on vacation? People from the East Coast vacation on the West coast. People from the West coast go to Hawaii. It's a progression, East to West: Little Sunshine [ Lots of Sunshine [ Even MORE Sunshine. :-)

Wolfguard: OK I gotta google that Gilligan thing. That's kinda nuts with them on and then off the island. I can't believe anybody thought that arc would fly once, not to mention THREE times!

I've seen a few eps of Big Bang Theory here and there, and it seems like a good show but I never got hooked on it. Maybe I'll start streaming it when GOT is over.

I'm kind of a gamer dork, so the show has that appeal to me, but then again, I've actually seen some pushback from other nerd types who DESPISE the show and see it as kind of a saccharin, cartoonish portrayal of nerd culture* that some TV Exec used to cash in.

Not sure I buy into that. Seems kind of an over reactive opinion to me over a dumb TV show.

*Whatever that means, IE Nerd Culture, Nerd Community, etc. I don't think there is such a thing as a unified nerd bloc, really. If there is I wasn't invited to any of the meetings.

^ v
Rayne says:
(Fri May 17 18:16:02 2019
Thank you White Wings. [3

Happy Friday.

I will be away from today until
next Tuesday. I'm vacationing on
the east coast. Be well all.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 17 17:54:19 2019
Agent Cooper & DaddyCatALSO,

I've seen a number of episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but I'm not a
regular fan and didn't realize it was ending/ended. *g*

Agent Cooper,

I remembered the castaways were rescued, but somehow got trapped again on
the island ... just checked Wikipedia article on series. The series ended
with them still on the island. Three TV movies were made ...

Rescue from Gilligan's Island (1978): Rescued, did not do well back
in society, took a Christmas cruise together, something happened and they
found themselves on the same island again.

Castaways of Gillian's Island (1979): Rescued again, but following
the rescue Howell buys the island and builds a resort on it. The others
become silent partners.

~Harlem Globetrotters on Gillian's Island (1981): Russian spies vs Harlem
Globetrotters. (Not kidding)

Also from the Wikipedia article ...

Ginger or Mary Ann?

"...The question of which of these two characters men prefer has endured
long after the end of the series.[34][35] The question has inspired
commercials,[36] essays, videos, and a sermon.[37] By most accounts, the
wholesome, down-to-earth Mary Ann has consistently outpolled the glamorous
bombshell movie-star Ginger by a sizable margin.[38] Bob Denver admitted he
was a Mary Ann fan.[35] According to Bob Denver in a 2001 interview, Wells
received 3,000-5,000 fan letters weekly, whereas Louise may have gotten
1,500 or 2,000.[39][40]....


^ v
Comma says:
(Fri May 17 17:16:46 2019
R.I.P. Herman Wouk. The author left us at age 103.


^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Fri May 17 14:16:23 2019
Agent Cooper wolfguard white wings BBT ended quite well, & it seems I'm far from alone in that opinion.
I view sitcoms through a different lens form dramas, so I thought Newhart was clever.
ST Elsewhere, which I hadn't followed before, well, it seemed they forgot it was 1- a spinoff of Cheers 2- crossed over with other shows as well.
And a show can give fnas the middle one while still running. When Linda Hamilton left Beauty and the Beast, the producers submitted their planned farewell ep. to their amrketign consultants, who told them quite plainly, "If you show scenes of 9-months pregnant woman being tortured, then murdered right after giving birth, it will alienate your audience." But they went right ahead with that anyway, and the last s eason bombed ratings-wise. The producers had their priorities, I guess

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Fri May 17 12:57:28 2019
Woflguard: Oh yeah, I totally forgot about St. Elsewhere. I used to like that show, although not a diehard fan. I didn't know about the finale until years after it ended. From my standpoint as a casual fan, I just thought the ending idea was rather...odd. But not necessarily horrible.

And Newhart, yes. The great-grandaddy of jarring, awful show endings. I didn't watch the show but I'm aware of how it ended and how angry fans were, rightly so I think in this case.

How did Gilligan end? Have to google that. I didn't know that show had a bad ending.

Now, NYPD Blue I was a big fan of and watched regularly, and yes, one of the better endings to a show.

I used to watch ER regularly too, but oddly enough I cannnot remember how the last ep went. I have a vague notion that it was unremarkable mostly, and except for the tying up of a few loose ends just another day at the ER, "life goes on" type of ending.

I've never watched Big Bang Theory but I know it's a very popular show with a long run and it ended last night. Wonder how that went?

^ v
YayOfTheDay says:
(Fri May 17 12:53:29 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for nails!

yay nails!

Happy Thank Joss It's Friday!

^ v
TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Fri May 17 12:01:35 2019
Today Friday, May 17th 2019 C.E.

We have TWo (2) Birthdays!

Watcher X

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Watcher X and Yefa!

Tara: 'Your One-Stop Spot to Shop for Lots of New-Age and Occult Items.' Catchy. Giles: Think so? Tara: Uh huh. In a... hard to say sorta way. 'Shadow''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Fri May 17 11:51:52 2019
Good morning beta!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 17 05:14:27 2019
White Wings,

Thank you. Little known fact. The dragon in Not Fade Away was a stand-
in for the dragon who played Viserion. It's true. *g*


^ v
white wings says:
(Fri May 17 04:29:45 2019
Yay Genevieve's Lucie!

Happy Birthday stina, AKA Becker, Dalia, Leira, mapleleafn!

wolfguard - Nice BtVS/GoT crossover last night. *g*

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri May 17 01:41:26 2019
Agent Cooper,

I've a vague memory of having read somewhere than Martin now sees the series
and the novels as being two separate worlds.

I never watched St Elsewhere, but after reading the hospital would
literally turned upside down in the series finale I watched the last scene.
If I had been a fan I would have been furious. I did enjoy watching
Newhart, and was very annoyed over its finale.

Fan of Dexter. Series finale's last scene, lame.

Watched a few episodes of The Sopranos. It was compelling, but they
were gangsters and gangsters are not my cup of tea. After the series finale,
I read many fans thought their cable or televisions had gone bad. *G* So I
had to watch that last scene. I could see why someone who wanted a clear
closure would be put off by it. So abrupt. *g* I took what was seen as
evidence Tony got whacked.

AtS was lame. I put that down to the writers having to cobble together
something after the sudden announcement the show had been cancelled. I also
think Joss may have felt after giving BtVS a happy ending - if you weren't a
former vengeance demon - he couldn't do the same for AtS.

I saw a few episodes of NYPD Blue, but did watch the final scene of
the series finale and thought it had more class that most series' finales.
Life goes on, as does the paperwork. *g*

And what about Gilligan's Island? *g*


^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Fri May 17 01:02:39 2019
Board meeting tonite!

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Thu May 16 19:27:21 2019
Wolfguard: I think item 2 is a direct reference to "The Sopranos."
Alot of people were not happy about that finale, and were pretty vocal about it. None of that criticism was merited. It was pretty obvious how it all ended if you had been paying attention at all.

...Which directly corresponds to item 6. :-) Although, I'd add the caveat that on the other side of the coin, it's also possible to really screw up a finale to a great series and, either intentionally or not, give all your loyal fans a big middle finger on the way out and taint all of your good work and reputation forever after in the process. I offer "Lost" and "Seinfeld" as exhibits A and B.

As far as Martin's statement about the ending, I've read that before, but I believe he was referencing the books specifically when he said that. Which makes me wonder if the books will have the same ending as the show.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu May 16 18:26:40 2019
Edited: Thu May 16 18:27:52 2019
CNN reports that some 300,000 people have signed a petition demanding the
final season Game of Thrones be redone with "competent writers".
Ouch. *g*

Also on CNN, an article titled "Six Things Games of Thrones can learn from
past series finales" by Brian Lowry. And here they are ...

1 - Honor what you have already done.

2 - Cryptic can be fine, but closure is better.

3 - Be quick, but don't hurry.

4 - It's not necessary to tie up every lose end.

5 - Treat it like it's over, even if it's not really over.

6 - Accept that you can't please everyone.

Follows the link to the article where Lowery explains more full these above


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu May 16 18:07:42 2019
Edited: Thu May 16 18:08:02 2019
Just came across a file where I'd copy and pasted a DGMBTQ and DGMAWQ and
then forgot them. Oops.

Deadguy Memorial Buffy Tuesday Question

Has Buffy been living a transient lifestyle or is she a homeowner?

Buffy has a small home on the shores of Lake Chatuge in the Enchanted Valley
of North Georgia.

Deadguy Memorial Angel Wednesday Question

Was the Mayor rooting for the Master or Angelus? Was he working against
them? Or was he just watching from the sidelines?

The Master was certainly a threat to the Mayor's power. The Mayor's game was
to let Buffy take the first shot. If she succeeded, magic. If she failed,
perhaps she would have weaken the Master for the Mayor's forces.

The Mayor saw Angelus as a catspaw in keeping Buffy distracted and off-
balance. The Mayor wagered if Angelus killed Buffy, then he would become
bored with Sunnydale and leave town. Where the Mayor got caught out was
Angelus' plan to destroy the world. Now we can't have that, that's not want
the good citizens of Sunnydale worship me for. Fortunately, the Mayor had
Whistler in his Rolodex and put him into play.


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu May 16 17:07:06 2019
Agent Cooper,

Spoiler & Speculation, Game of Thrones, "The Bells"

((I'm with your, ~cool way to do it~. BUT, I hope it's not. *g* I
am Team Arya All The Way. *g*

"They rob, kill and plunder all under the deceiving name of Roman Rule. They
make a desert and call it peace."

For those fans who favored Dany, who rejoiced and identified with her climb
from nothing to the person with a long title, the best they might hope for
is realization, regret, and remorse and from this to go forward to 'break
the wheel' - for it certainly has broken her. But this is said from sitting
on a couch in the 21st century western world, far away from the reality of
medieval life. Critic Spencer Kornhaber's analysis may not be what the
writers intended, but is closer to the truth: Daenerys was writing a warning
in fire and stone - BEND THE KNEE. Now and forever.

George R.R. Martin is to have said the ending of the series, "Song of Fire
and Ice", it would be bittersweet. Characters will succeed in their quest,
but they may look back and ask was it worth the price. I would not be
surprised if you are right in speculating Dany may finish walking her
'creation', then turn and leave for Essos. Like Harrenhall, King's Landing
will haunt Westeros.


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Agent Cooper says:
(Thu May 16 14:21:15 2019
Wolfguard: Thoughts on your Thoughts about My Thoughts on Game of Thrones. Wrapped in Spoiler Plastic:

Input: Arya is actually dead? Hmmm. Wow. That is clever, and deep, and that scene would be a very cool way to depict it. But no. This isn't Lost. Death does ride a pale horse, though. Maybe Arya will show Dany what an amateur she is, and kill EVERYBODY who's left herself. And I'm only half joking about that. Maybe after going through what she did in the burning city, she'll figure the whole Game is madness and just kill all the remaining players. Other possibility: she'll just say to hell with all this insanity, bag it and sneak off to Essos to be an actress. Or both.

No Further Analysis...

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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu May 16 14:09:25 2019
Maverick wolfguard Every ep. of *The Loe n Ranger* I recall, and saw some a s recntly as the 90s, end with "that's the Lone Ranger." followed by Clayton Moore's "hi-oh silver away!"
This si elss clear but I recall Skelton's farewell as "Good life, good health, and may Gawd bley-uss."

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Thu May 16 12:02:42 2019
Today Thursday, May 16th 2019 C.E.

We have SIX (6) Birthdays!

AKA Becker
David Boreanaz as Angel/Angelus

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to stina, AKA Becker, Dalia
David Boreanaz, Leira, mapleleafn

I like pancakes 'cause they're stackable. Ooo, and waffles 'cause you can put things in the little holes if you wanted to. Buffy, 'A New Man''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

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YayOfTheDay says:
(Thu May 16 11:55:19 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for genevieve's lucie!

yay genevieve's lucie!

Happy CD Thursday!

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Thu May 16 11:46:57 2019
good morning beta!

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wolfguard says:
(Thu May 16 06:08:58 2019
Yay Shadowquest!

Deadguy Memorial Angel Wednesday Question

Would the Bronze have survived if, in 1997, you could stream a season of

Probably not. The discussions, debates, and speculations happened between
the episodes and seasons. The Bronze and Beta Bronze were also known for
being open to all sorts of non-BTVS topics. None of this could happen if
there were not time for it to happen.

Consider Buffy's sacrifice in The Gift. How is the story going to
bring her back? Maybe SMG is not coming back?! There is no BtVS without the
B (without the SMG? *g*). What will happen when she does return? Time to
think. Time to argue. *g*

If had been streamed ...

She saved the world. Alot

TIME: 9:15PM

Next up, season six, episode one, Bargaining 1

TIME ~9:45PM

Hey, Willow's going to do magic!

I was going to say that.


Phone rings. Sansa answers. Hangs Up.

That was Ayra. She's half-way through. Buffy boinks Spike.

Don't Spoil Me!!!!!!

Don't burn down the house over it.


Night All


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wolfguard says:
(Thu May 16 02:27:59 2019
Maverick's Oldster Quiz


1 - A silver bullet?
2 - Ed Sullivan
3 - On Route 66
4 - protect the innocent
5 - George of the Jungle???
6 - Limbo
7 - Chocolate
6 -
9 - Timex
10 - God Bless
11 - draft cards
12 - VW, Bug
13 - The Big Bopper, Richie Valen (?), Stradivarius
14 - Sputnik
15 - Hula Hoop
16 -
17 - Howdy Doody Time
18 - The Shadow
19 - The Monster Mash
20 -


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Trivia Girl says:
(Thu May 16 01:23:54 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Angel
Question: Who re-souls Angel in
Answer: Willow

Trivia Masters: nososhygirl,

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wolfguard says:
(Thu May 16 01:00:25 2019
Agent Cooper,

Spoiler on Game of Thrones, "The Bells"

((Jon's honesty may be the death of everybody. *g*

Several people have complained Dany's Destruction might have been more
credible if more time have been devoted to developing her descent
(alliteration!). And others have blamed that, partially, on the shorter
seasons - fewer episodes.

At the moment, I've no prediction of will sit on the Iron Throne, perhaps no
one. I do predict that with all the people killed in King's Landing that
wages will go up for the living. *g*

Scary Analysis (Not mine)

Ayra is already dead. She awakes alone, surrounded by ashes and gloom. She
sees a white horse, calms it, mounts it and rides away.1 Maise
Williams, who played Ayra, said in in the last scene she shot, Ayra was
alone. OTOH, scenes are not usually shot in story sequence.

More have pointed to the biblical passage, ~ I looked and there before me
was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close
behind him ~ seeing Ayra as Death.

1Some ask where the horse come from? Others answer, it's the
horse ridden by the commander of the mercenary company, Harry Strickland.
Others say they saw the horse killed. If so, how does a live woman ride a
dead horse?


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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Thu May 16 00:49:08 2019
Kiba Rika Dianne, Greeneyes
and Dust'em are all ATL bronzers, I
believe. I can post on the Bronze
group on facebook.

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Kiba Rika says:
(Thu May 16 00:32:45 2019
Heeey any Atlanta Bronzers around?
I'm heading to ATL in 3 wks and
hoping to put together an Atlanta
Bronzer dinner on Friday June 7,
but I've deactivated Facebook and
thus lost all my ATL Bronzer
contacts. If any ATL Bronzers are
here and would email me using the
address linked in my handle, I'll
set up an invite somewhere off
Facebook and then maybe you can
share it with Atlanta Bronzers on
FB or through other channels?

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Maverick says:
(Wed May 15 23:53:37 2019
Agent Cooper: Pretty good for a youngster. Lots of right answers. But Bobby Darin (who was married to Sandra Dee) died after a heart operation because he had a weak heart. So it wasn't him. Those on the plane that crashed were The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens (most famous as the singer of "La Bamba") and the one in question, whom the Don McLean song was a tribute to, was a young rocker who wore glasses. Hint: Gary Busey played him in the movie.

Agent Cooper, white wings: The lady is correct. It's "Chocolate." BTW, if you study the quiz, you will notice that they actually give you the correct number of spaces for the answers, so "Hot Cocoa" would not fit.

DaddyCatALSO: Wrong in both cases.



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white wings says:
(Wed May 15 22:54:35 2019
Yay ShadowQuest!

Happy Birthday elusion and Lisap515!

Rayne - Beg to differ. *g* It's not lost. It doesn't exist anymore, and your life has moved on. But it was, and it was a glorious time. No one can take that away from you, or the fandom, and your name is remembered.

Agent Cooper - You got more answers than I would have to Maverick's quiz. But not #7. I remember a lugubrious sounding "Nestle's makes the very best chooocklit." There was a dog with long ears involved somehow.

wolfguard - GoT thought from someone who has only read a few synopses:
Every person dies. Drogon takes the throne as the last dragon standing. And if the throne is burned, well, he wouldn't have fit into it anyway.

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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Wed May 15 20:39:06 2019
Nope, after the Lone ranger left soembodya sked who he was and someone else always said That's the Lone Ranger.

and I recall rEd Skelton saying a 3-aprt good-bye not a 2-part:-).

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Agent Cooper says:
(Wed May 15 20:11:37 2019
Maverick: I'm a wee bit young(ish) for this one, but I'll take a stab at it: Spoiierfied to not give away any:

1. Silver Bullet
2. Ed Sullivan
3. On Route 66
4. Protect the Innocent
5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
6. Limbo
7. Hot cocoa?
8. Louis Armstrong
9. A timex?
10. Knew this name but can't rememebr....God Bless
11. Draft Cards
12. Bug
13. That plane crash where bobby darrin and some other guys died.
14. Sputnik
15. Hula Hoop
16. No clue.
17. Howdy Doody Time
18. The Shadow
19. The Monster Mash
20. Could not tell you.

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Maverick says:
(Wed May 15 19:50:47 2019
A Quiz for Oldsters. Have Fun with it.

01. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the grateful citizens would ask, Who was that masked man? Invariably, someone would answer, I don't know, but he left this behind. What did he leave behind?________________.

02. When the Beatles first came to the U.S. In early 1964, we all watched them on The ____ ___________ Show.

03. 'Get your kicks, __ _________ _______.'

04. 'The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to _____ _ _____.'

05. 'In the jungle, the mighty jungle, ____ ____ ____ ____.'

06. After the Twist, The Mashed Potato, and the Watusi, we 'danced' under a stick that was lowered as low as we could go in a dance called the '_____.'

07. Nestle's makes the very best.... _________.'

08. Satchmo was America 's 'Ambassador of Goodwill.' Our parents shared this great jazz trumpet player with us. His name was
______ ___________.

09. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking? _______.

10. Red Skeleton's hobo character was named ______ ___ ________ and Red always ended his television show by saying, 'Good Night, and '________ ________ '

11. Some Americans who protested the Vietnam War did so by burning their ______ _______.

12. The cute little car with the engine in the back and the trunk in the front was called the VW. What other names did it go by? ___ & _______.

13. In 1971, singer Don MacLean sang a song about, 'the day the music died.' This was a tribute to _______ ____________.

14. We can remember the first satellite placed into orbit. The Russians did it. It was called __________.

15. One of the big fads of the late 50's and 60's was a large plastic ring that we twirled around our waist. It was called the ______ _____ .

16. Remember LS/MFT _____ _____/_____ _____ _____?

17. Hey Kids! What time is it? It's _____ ______ _____!

18. Who knows what secrets lie in the hearts of men? Only The _____ Knows!

19. There was a song that came out in the 60's that was "a grave yard smash". It's name was the ______ ______!

20. Alka Seltzer used a "boy with a tablet on his head" as it's Logo/Representative. What was the boy's name? ________


Noella Choi's sequence of Chris Beck's Buffy Themes from "Sacrifice" and "The Gift"

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Agent Cooper says:
(Wed May 15 19:47:26 2019
Wolfguard: Thoughts on your Game of Thrones Observations: SPOILERS Ahoy, mateys! 1. Like the KGB used to say: Two people can keep a secret - if one of them is dead. Yes, Jon should have kept his mouth shut if he really didn't want the throne. He has that "stupid honest" compulsion Ned Stark instilled in him. ...Or did he spill the beans because subconciously, in a deep dark place inside his soul he doesn't even know about yet, he really DOES want that throne? Dun Dun Dunnnnn....

2. Arya is definitely going to kill Dany. Or try very, very hard to.

3. One thing I think we both left out of Danerys' character makeup is her Targaryen lineage. They do have a well documented family tendency towards madness, and particularly for losing it at the worst times. And Dany has a bad temper anyway, over and above that. Still, even with that family history and all of the points we both went over, it was still a bit jarring for her to lose it like THAT. I mean, geezum crow lady! Didja hafta kill absolutely EVERYBODY??

4. I have no idea who's going to win now, and can't guess. Right up to the last ep, I was starting to think it would be Jaime who would somehow be the last man standing. I was pretty confident of this in fact. It seemed to me his whole character arc was to take him from a pretty despicable excuse for a person up to a noble, caring, flawed yet honorable man who could rule the 7 kingdoms justly when the role was finally forced on him in the end. I couldn't imagine why else they would put him through all that long, detailed personal development over the the course of the whole series unless it was to ultimately put him on the Iron Throne.

Whelp, I sure bet on the wrong horse, didn't I?

5. I the above back, a little. I will make one prediction: It WON'T be Jon Snow taking the throne. That's WAY to simple an ending. Whatever ending is decided on, and at this point I can't even imagine what it is, it won't be that neat and tidy.

That is all...

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wolfguard says:
(Wed May 15 17:40:46 2019
Agent Cooper,

Spoiler on The Game of Thrones, "The Bells"

((I like Dany. I also remember the many times Daenerys told people
she would burn them and their cities down, that there would be a price in
fire and blood to those who wronged or denied her.

Her conquests in Essos were against city-states where masters ruled slaves.
Most of those freed worship the 'Breaker of Chains'. So Dany heads off to
Westeros with those great memories and her bloodright to the Iron Throne
thinking, my people are waiting for me to save them from tyranny.

Well, there was no tyranny in the North, 'just' the threat of eternal death.
To Dany's credit she allied with the North to fight the Night King.
Nevertheless, when it was over she expected a lot knee bending. Why? I'm the
rightful heir. Consider those last two words, "rightful heir". If Dany were
to respect the reason she believed she was "rightful", then she should have
bended her knee to Jon. No, no, no. She's too long down that road to the
Throne and Jon makes it easy enough by saying he doesn't want to be king
(but the boy can't keep his lips shut). So Dany wants the Throne because she
believes she was always entitled to the Throne. Anyone who gets in her way
she will remove in one way or the other.

Many of her fans have no problem whatsoever agreeing with Dany. What angered
them was Dany's decision to destroy King's Landing and its population after
the city had surrendered. Why did the writers write her this way (cause the
Dany they love wouldn't have done this ~I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way
~). The quick analysis derived from the last two episodes is that she's been
betrayed and lost Missandei and Jorah. The producers said given those
feelings and seeing the Red Keep - Burn Them, Burn Them All! (certainly
Missandei's last word).



However, consider what she also said. First, after observing the good North
folks talking up their boy, Jon, she said ~ People loved me (in Essos), but
not here. Second, if I can't rule them through love, then let it be fear.
1 A writer for The Atlantic, Spencer Kornhaber (?),
offers a more specific argument: Since Daenerys had been betrayed and not
all believed it necessary to submit to her, then any gentle-handling of
King's Landing might only lead some to continue to resist or sabotage or
assassinate her. Best to let all know from the get-go, Don't Fork with
Daenerys Stormborn. She can rebuilt on the ruins.2

Another critic or writer believes one series theme might be, - Beware of
becoming too fond or attached to a leader.

Another writer said, ~ I warned fans they might want to wait till the series
ended before naming their newborn kids after a character. *g*

1 Machiavelli's ask in The Prince, 'Is it better to be
loved or feared?' He answers, it's so hard to get people to love you and you
always have to be working at it. People are so fickled. Fear is more

2 The teaser for the series finale shows Dany walking through the
ashes. One or more fans said in an earlier season Dany had a dream or vision
of walking through ruins in 'snow' and looking back, perhaps the 'snow' was


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Rayne says:
(Wed May 15 17:28:59 2019

;) everything is lost though.

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wolfguard says:
(Wed May 15 17:00:38 2019
Trivia Girl,


That is all

Wait, no it's not. *g*

Trivia Girl Riposte...

On BtVS they show Willow telling Buffy she has to run out of town for a day or
two (Fred had phoned her). In which episode of BTVS did this happen?


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 15 16:49:20 2019
Edited: Wed May 15 16:51:15 2019

I noted Faith's use of a crossbow in AtS' Five by Five. When did she
use one on BtVS? I only recall her using a bow twice in 3rd season: She shot
the courier in Choices and Angel in Graduation Day 1. Did she
use a crossbow during 7th season (Dirty Girls ... Chosen)?

ETA Thinking back to her trilogy on AtS' 4th season. Did she use a crossbow
when she went after Angelus?


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notsoShyGirl says:
(Wed May 15 14:13:11 2019
Trivia Girl

^ v
lostinamerica says:
(Wed May 15 13:07:29 2019
wolfguard--Faith used a
crossbow at least once in
BTVS and in ATS.

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Trivia Girl says:
(Wed May 15 12:13:56 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Angel
Question: Who re-souls Angel in

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YayOfTheDay says:
(Wed May 15 11:47:50 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for shadowquest!

yay shadowquest!

today's deadguy memorial angel wednesday question is brought to you by:

tv sunnydale - support local programming

would the bronze have survived if, in 1997, you could stream a season of btvs?

Happy Non-Angel Wednesday!

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Wed May 15 11:45:52 2019
Today Wednesday, May 15th 2019 C.E.

We have TWO (2) Birthdays!


Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to elusio, Lisap515

See, Vera? Dress yourself up; you get taken out somewhere fun. Jayne, 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

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wolfguard says:
(Wed May 15 05:35:27 2019
White Wings,

In Choices and Graduation Day 1, Faith used a bow (recurve or
compound). However, in Five by Five (AtS season 1) she may have used a
crossbow. It's an interior scene where Faith shoots at Angel from behind and
he senses, pivots, and snatches the arrow/bolt out of the air. Faith said
something like, ~ wicked/cool~. If so, it was the only time she did. Buffy was
crossbow girl. Always. *g*


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white wings says:
(Wed May 15 04:02:11 2019
Comma - *sniff*


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Comma says:
(Wed May 15 02:38:02 2019
"I was born and then I did The Carol Burnett Show for eleven years. What else is there to know? I have six Emmys. Big deal. I am also in The Comedy Hall of Fame, it was a natural since I spent a lot of my time in grade school out in the hall. I went to Bowling Green State University for eleven years. A very slow lerner (I proof read my bio). I was in the army (ours) for two years and was in McHales Navy for three years. That is a total of five years of service. My ambition was to be a jockey, but at my weight, even the horses were asking me to get off. I have seven children, two grand children and a puppy. I have been married since 1984, a record for Hollywood. I do not have a serious thought in my head. Enjoy the show."

~Tim Conway~

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Trivia Girl says:
(Wed May 15 02:28:57 2019
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: Who grants Cordy her wish
in The Wish[/i]?
Answer: Anyanka

Trivia master: notsoShyGirl
Trivia Not quite: wolfguard *g*

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white wings says:
(Wed May 15 01:42:28 2019
Yay dayzee!

Happy Birthday Austin154, CHRIS, EviLS I T, pink fish rool!!!!, Sasheer, and Snackdogn!

lostinamerica - I think pregnancy is a safe bet for your chunky does. I didn't see any out tonight. Either there was activity on the course before I got home, or they are all off in the shrubbery having babies.

I think you are right about how we lucked out. Twitter is in many ways the successor to the chat room.

Rayne - I know your name. From old Buffy fandom, when I was only a young lurker. Are you that Rayne? Didn't you have a web site? Or word of the wildfeed? It all fades so fast.

Comma - You are right. Heaven is the richer. But he had been on the road for a while.

wolfguard - Faith used a bow to shoot Angel, but I expect she had been trained with a crossbow. I don't think she cared too much what weapon she used, as long as it was deadly. And the shoot from cover in secrecy works for her. *g*

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Wed May 15 00:35:15 2019

Faith used a bow, not a crossbow. Buffy and the potentials used crossbows. 😲


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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed May 15 00:34:14 2019
yay dayzee!

deadguy qod

I'm not so sure! I am aware of a
lot more toxicity within fandoms,
so I think we lucked out back in
the day when were were more
naive. *g*

Happy Non-Buffy Tuesday!

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lostinamerica says:
(Tue May 14 20:03:00 2019
Faith has been killing people again ;)

[a href="
grm-intl/index.html"]Crossbow Deaths in Germany[/a]

Comma--I know, I saw :(

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Comma says:
(Tue May 14 18:20:42 2019
R.I.P. Tin Conway! Heaven just got a lot funnier today.


^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue May 14 17:18:20 2019

Thanks *g*


^ v
Rayne says:
(Tue May 14 16:30:02 2019
Hello all.

Christopher Marlowe, Wolfgard is
correct. I have re watched the
series in it's entirety.

Wolfgard, 'she'.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Tue May 14 16:14:00 2019
Trivia Girl,



'Cause Cordelia in bizarro-world soon realized her mistake and said we
need Buffy back


^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Tue May 14 16:04:11 2019
Trivia Girl: D'Hoffryn.

And Yeah, Anyanka granted the wish, but D'Hoffryn sent her to do just that. She was, as always, acting as his agent - doing D'Hoffryn's bidding as a Vengeance Demon.

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Tue May 14 13:23:36 2019
Trivia Girl

^ v
YayOfTheDay says:
(Tue May 14 13:04:24 2019
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for dayzee

yay dayzee!

today's deadguy memorial buffy tuesday question is brought to you by:

sunnydale comic-con - all fandoms welcome

in these days of twitter, etc. how would you participate in the buffy fandom, if the show were starting now?

Happy Non-Buffy Tuesday!

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